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Investment Advisor Peter Schiff Appeals to 60,000 in E-mail Blast

Peter Schiff author of Crash Proof and President of Euro Pacific Capital has sent all 60,000 subscribers a missive with praise for Ron Paul, and more importantly a call for donations.

Call to Action

Congressman Ron Paul, America’s best hope for the future.

I recently had the pleasure of personally handing the Honorable Ron Paul (the only member of Congress truly worthy of that title) a $2,300 check (the legal maximum) as my contribution toward his presidential campaign. I have never given one dime to a politician (though Congressman Paul is more of a statesman than a politician) in my life, and you know what; it felt great. It was the best $2,300 I ever spent. The purpose of this email is to urge every single one of my clients, every subscriber to my newsletter, and every one in my database, to make a similar contribution.

There are over 60,000 names in my database. If a significant percentage of us donate $2,300 to Ron Paul, he will have a decent shot at being the Republican nominee, and he is probably the only Republican candidate capable of wining the Presidency in 2008. Come election time, this country will likely be in a severe recession, and Ron Paul is the only Republican able to distance himself from President Bush, who will clearly be blamed for the mess our economy will be in.

Like me, Ron Paul was against America’s decision to invade Iraq. Unfortunately, our predictions regarding what would happen if we did have all been proven correct. However, the one good thing that could potentially come of this whole fiasco is that it may be the single biggest factor making Ron Paul so electable. If that is the price of putting the only principled man in Congress into the Oval Office then perhaps it was worth it.

Unfortunately, most of the criticism of our phony economic expansion has come from the left. The mindless cheerleading of the right will leave them devoid of any credibility on economic issues. Ron Paul is the only Republican who can say “I told you so.” If, as a result of right wing rhetoric, voters blame capitalism for our problems, this nation will take a giant turn to the left. While many on the left have criticized the economy, they have mainly done so for the wrong reasons and their “solutions” will only make the situation worse.

Fortunately we have the power to stop them and we cannot let the opportunity to do so pass us by. This is a unique moment in history, a fork in the road to serfdom. We may actually be able to prove our founding fathers wrong in their belief that democracy does not work (For those of you who do not know our nation was founded as a Republic not a Democracy. For more on the difference between the two forms of government read my new book Crash Proof. Click here to order your copy.) Perhaps with your help we can prove that the special interests of political factions can actually be overcome by an inspired electorate motivated solely by the love of freedom and a respect for the constitution.

If you are fortunate enough to be one of my clients, writing a $2,300 check should not be a problem. As I have likely made you tons of money over the years, here is an opportunity to donate some of it to a worthy cause. We have made our money by betting against the U.S and betting against the dollar. Giving $2,300 of our winnings to Ron Paul gives us the opportunity to bet ON America for a change. And it’s a bet none of us can afford to lose, and the best part about it is that if we all make this bet together we can’t lose.

My penchant for foreign investments has from time to time caused some of my critics to label me unpatriotic. While such attacks are clearly out of line, using some of our foreign profits to secure the election of Ron Paul goes a long way toward defusing such allegations.

If you are not a client and you think $2,300 is a lot of money, it’s not. In fact, if Ron Paul is not our next President, such a sum will be practically worthless by the end of the term of whoever is. So what do you have to lose? Just write the check and hope for the best.

Do not just send in $50 or $100, dig down deep and pony up. If you are married send him $4,600. Think of what is at stake. Let’s not let Ron Paul lose this election for lack of money. Think about the sacrifices others have made for this country. Think of those who have given their lives to secure the liberties we are now losing to a tyrannical Federal Government. The signers of the Declaration of Independence not only risked their sacred honor but their very lives. You have a chance to do something to reclaim the principles embedded in that document yet risk nothing but a lousy 2,300 bucks, the cost of a single plasma TV. If we all make that one small sacrifice, maybe, just maybe, those who have died defending our freedoms may finally rest in peace.

Giving money or voting for any other political candidate, Democrat or Republican, is a complete waste of time, effort and money. The only person in the race whose victory will make any difference what-so-ever is Ron Paul. Even if he does not win, just having his positions heard by a wider audience will make a bigger difference to the country than the outcome of the election itself.

Do not get me wrong; electing Ron Paul will not stop America’s day of reckoning from coming. The piper will have to be paid no matter who is in the White House. However, President Ron Paul will be extremely important if we are going to dig our way out of this giant hole. Any other declared presidential candidate will make the job far more difficult if not completely impossible.

Rebuilding a viable industrial economy will require a return to our constitutional roots of limited government, low taxes, minimal regulation, and sound money. Ron Paul is the only candidate capable of bring those reforms about. He has already proven that his principles are more important then his own reelection. He is the only man in Congress I know that power did not corrupt. In fact, with Ron Paul as President, many others in Congress might actually find the courage to vote their conscience as well.

If you do not know who Ron Paul is, visit his web site at www.RonPaul2008.com and see for yourself. He is the real deal, a true statesmen and citizen politician in the traditions envisioned by the framers of our Republic. From time to time I get emails from people suggesting that I run for President. While such suggestions are indeed flattering, I realize that they are offered purely in jest. However, for those who agree with my take on things, a vote for Ron Paul is the closet thing to a vote for me that you will ever have an opportunity to cast. He understands the real problems facing our nation and knows what must be done to enable “we the people” to solve them for ourselves.

Here is the link to make your contribution. https://www.ronpaul2008.com/donate?c=SCHIFF

If you donate by telephone or use the general donation web page, make sure to reference the project code “Schiff” when you do. That way I can better judge the effectiveness of this email.

Once you have done so forward this email to every contact in your address book. Let’s give Ron Paul the greatest political war chest in history. In modern American politics money talks. With your help, Ron Paul’s voice can be the loudest one of all.


Peter Schiff
President and Chief Global Strategist
Euro Pacific Capital

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lol no

lol No its enough that they are thinking about donating no need to pressure them

Pat Robertson endorses Rudy, we'll take...

the financial helping of Peter Schiff! Here's a real golbetrotting investor who know what dire straights the US is in thanks to our irresponsible foreign bunglings and domestic printing of the dollar. Come on wealthy folks.........dig in for Ron Paul!

alan laney

Could you imagine...?!

Could you imagine if those 60,000 people did as Peter requested equalling $138 Million before the end of this year (tax purposes) and then DID IT AGAIN at the first of NEXT year?! HOLY PAYDAY, Batman!

That would have the rest of the camp heading for reconstructive surgery once they picked their JAWS up off the floor-- LOL!

I knew this guy had to be good when the Fox Financial people were giving him such a hard time...

No Tax Benefits

Contributions to presidential campaigns are not tax-deductable, so there are no tax benefits. Its a gift, plain and simple.

2300=1 person per primary;4600=2 people or primary + general

The key thing here is that the big guys are having their people inflate the numbers by donating for the primary and general election.

There is no reason for wealthy people not to do this.

Families often then donate 9200

Probably best for wealth people to max out and then give to pacs

If i were wealthy i would give 4600(2300 for primary, 2300 for general), then give 5000 to each of the 5 key pacs behind ron


Key PACs?

I don't think that there are any PACs behind Paul honestly, certainly not many well known ones. This is because Paul has a long history of not being corruptable.

Key PACs?

I don't think that there are any PACs behind Paul honestly, certainly not many well known ones. This is because Paul has a long history of not being corruptable.


Considering Ron Paul would likely issue his father a pardon, I think Peter Schiff has a vested interest in getting him elected. But liberty is always a noble enough cause to strive for.

Irwin Schiff - tax protestor

Irwin Schiff could have just as easily left the country or attempted to hide from the IRS - he certainly has the money to do it and not simply because he refuses to pay Federal taxes.

Irwin Schiff has taken a position that he didn't need to take which has robbed him of his freedom based purely on principle.

I agree with Irwin Schiff - don't you? We just elected a bunch of Democrats to take us out of Iraq and they've taken no steps to take us out of Iraq but they continue using our money to fund it. No war has even been declared. By what right do these clowns have to force you to continue something that the majority of tax paying voters do not support?

What about this government using your money to listen to your phone calls, to eavesdrop on your email, to watch over you? That is unconstitutional, and your tax money is paying for it. Your money is being used against you.

Irwin Schiff doesn't deserve a pardon, he deserves exoneration. He's not guilty at all, it's you and I that are guilty, who do pay taxes, despite knowing it's wrong to continue to support this government. We are the real criminals.

Inflation and the Declining Greenback

Peter Schiff is one of the few investment brokers that "gets" the impact of current monetary policy set by the Fed. Inflation is running close to 10%. (Check shadowstats.com for information on the real inflation numbers.) Money supply growth is at record levels in the U.S., and is expanding at a rate of more than 14% per year. This increase in the money supply leads to price inflation and the destruction of our currency.

Dr. Paul is the only Statesman that speaks about this issue and recognizes that the Fed (along with unrestrained fiscal spending) is the largest problem facing America today.

I urge all Daily Paul subscribers to get their money out of the U.S. Dollar before it is completely inflated away. The chance of America becoming the next Weimar Republic (or Argentina) is much closer than many Americans believe.

It is sad that most Americans have limited knowledge in economics and cannot grasp the most elementary concepts of inflation. Although, the current curriculum of Keynesian Economics in college and universities only exacerbates the ignorance.

If you have an IRA or other savings, get out of dollars. Invest in Gold and Silver related assets including Large Cap, Mid Cap and Junior producing gold, silver and uranium companies. Consider investing in the SLV and GLD ETFs. Purchase Krugerrands, 90% "junk" silver coins and 10oz silver bars for your home, which can be found on ebay and apmex.com. Transfer large holdings to Euro Pacific and allow Mr. Schiff to invest your money abroad. The commissions are reasonable (3%) and the investment advice is priceless.

Mr. Schiff has a weekly radio program available through his website every Wednesday night at 8:00 pm EST. I urge everyone at the Daily Paul to listen to his program. http://www.europac.net/radioshow.asp

Please take action before "B-52" Ben Bernake inflates your hard-earned money into oblivion.

There are a few other radio programs worth listening to:
Jim Puplava at Financial Sense Newshour - http://www.financialsense.com/fsn/main.html
Gold Seek Radio with Chris Waltzek - http://radio.goldseek.com/

I am involved in the financial markets. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I'd be happy to help any Daily Paul members the best I can at no charge. God Bless.


It's dictorship or Ron Paul. It's liberty or concentration camp. It's a dead "dollar" or gold. It's war or peace. It's the elite or the middle class. It's death or life. It's the most important fight of our entire lives!!

Why Is It

Why is it that the maximum that we can Donate to Dr. Paul's campaign is ONLY $2300 when it is $4600 on the Top Tier's websites?

I even saw a retired person that donated $6900 to Godzillay's campaign. Something sure smells fishy to me.

I'm new to politics so forgive my naivety.


Support Our Vets on Veteran's Day



The candidates are allowed

The candidates are allowed to take $4600 per person. They are allowed to use $2300.00 for the primaries and $2300.00 for the general election. Married couples can donate $4600.00 for both the primary and the general election. PAC's can give up to $5,000.00 if I remember correctly. PAC's can also do their own advertising outside of the campaign.

The "top tier" candidates are taking money for the general election before they have won the nomination.

I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.
Thomas Jefferson, 1791

Smart move on Dr. Paul's campaign.

Thanks MikeK,

Then that means if I maxed out now I can still Donate up to $2300 in the main election when Dr. Paul is nominated as Republican candidate for President.

That is a very smart move I do believe.

But how did a single person Donate $6900 to Godzillary's campaign? Must be it included the guy's wife but it seems it would have included both names.


Support Our Vet's Candidate on Veteran's Day



All I can say is WOW.

This is really impressive. Peter Schiff is very well known and surely commands much respect in the financial world. I have read his articles from time to time which I have found to be immensely helpful (and lucrative). I will be signing up for his newsletter.

This IS Good News.

Looks like I need to sign up for Peter's newsletter. I'm a Forex trader and I made the mistake of buying dollars a little over 3 months ago. The dollar has dropped over 900 pips since then. Ouch!!

I'm going to email Peter and ask his permission to send his letter out to the 46,000 people that I email on a daily basis. Of course many will not have $2300 but they do email a lot of people themselves. No, this is NOT spam but a Double Optin Membership I belong to.

I will make a suggestion to Peter to put info on his site about his AWSOME support of Dr. Paul.

Who knows, some of these 45,000 that I send out to daily may even sign up for Peter's newsletter.

Call the Doctor To HEAL Our Country,

Let's Support Our Veterans On Veteran's Day



GOLD! literally.

AMAZING. LOVE this guy seriously....

I love Peter Schiff!

It took guts to do what he did. I hope his clients appreciate all the money he's made him and know he's giving them more good advice.

Canada Loves Ron Paul

Canada Loves Ron Paul

How much does his news

How much does his news letter cost or is it one of the free ones?

i love peter schiff already!!!!!

everything peter schiff says in his email is piercingly true! thank you dearly for spreading the word mr. schiff!!!!

"Let it not be said that we did nothing." ~Congressman Ron Paul

"Let it not be said that we did nothing." ~Congressman Ron Paul

Peter Schiff is no dummy...

He makes millions off of knowing which way the wind blows. He is not asking for donations, he's advising his clients to invest in Dr. Paul.
A Dr. Paul administration means a return to a sound economy that Mr. Schiff knows very well, and from which his clients will benefit greatly.

Yesterday excited me, this, from a man who has been right about everything he has endorsed, is earth shaking!

I'm going to the inauguration, are you?

Give me Liberty....

"Resistance need not be violent, but the civil disobedience that might be required involves confrontation with the state and invites possible imprisonment." - Ron Paul

I just got mine....

I'm on Schiff's email list, and I just got my copy of this tonight. The 'received' time on it is 11:17pm. Maybe his list is emailed in groups or something and not all at once? Or maybe my copy just went around the world a few times first:) Either way, this could have a HUGE impact, but it could take a few days for it to really materialize......while all the folks who get it (and aren't already familiar with Dr. Paul) do their homework on him. I've got a really good feeling about where this movement is now heading:) We've broken out. The potential is almost unimaginable!

Wow. speechless..

I have been a long time reader of his commentary on the dollar and economy, and have learned quite alot from his sound advice. This is awesome, I have no words to show my gratitude towards this gesture. This man is putting it all out for everyone in this letter. We need to elect Ron Paul, and I am sure we will. This November 5th was a turning point. This November 11th (dot) com will be another. Sign up. Let's do it!

Michigan Patriot

Michigan Patriot

I saw Rudi Guliani today on 60th and lexington

Hey everyone I saw rudy guliani walking downtown today when I was shopping, and a gave him a good GO RON PAUL BABY cheer he started laughing condesendingly but I coud tell it got to him.
good way to rub it in lol.

Glad you stuck it to him!

Glad you stuck it to him!


hahahaha, Thanks for the great laugh ambiori.


You should have said, "Aren't you Ron Paul?" or "Hey Ron Paul, I love you man!"

That would have given him heartburn....

Damn I know man

Damn I know man, my bad guys lol. And he walked right by me with no body guards around too. But I wasn't wearing my glasses and he put his head down when I started noticing him, so I only noticed his ugly ass when he was right infront of me. . If I had a camera that would have made a real good one, LOL. But now we know hes in NY somewhere around 68th and Lexington. If anyone lives around the area have a video camera and some real good things to say to really rub it in.

Too funny!

That busted me up.