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Establishment Panics

After watching the RNC and the DNC I have a feeling of impending doom. I have never cared so much about an election, nor gave so much energy, time and money or ever considered working in any party for any cause but this one. I wanted so much that Ron Paul would become our President, I held out for a miracle, because I am a testament to them. I am 48 yrs old with children and I feel like my child's heart has been broken and my dreams dashed on the rocks!

Help! This is really how it feels, like black evil creeping in everywhere and taking large leaps all of a sudden. After the RNC I wanted to take a bath I felt so filthy dirty to even associate with the slime that has become the Republican Party. The Dems are no better int this regard. I literally got physically sick after working the polls and watching what happened at the RNC and the protests and illegal arrests and police brutality. I am just now getting over one hell of a flu.....

The Jackboot Nazi Police state has taken center stage. Blatant illegal bullshit!! Thugs run this country thats it! Worse than the mafia, the mafia at least had a code, these demons don't.

Maybe Our movement the C4L, really is scaring the living shit out of them, maybe it something else but they are scared and clamping down even harder real fast.

I am going to leave the party as I only joined it thinking that maybe we could somehow change it for the better. This was a child's dream, they are the most corrupt black slime to be seen on the stage! After all I have seen with working in the polls here in Arizona, and being a precinct committee person the most I feel that I can do is prepare for my family, lock and load.....

This article sums up the all pervading feeling going on here....I wish it was different but it is, what it is.

I will do all I can for the C4L and our "chamion of the Constitution", Ron Paul. But our constitution is no more and we will have to fight to gain back every inch by inch of it. This makes me very sad, make my soul heavy, my children will see things that I never thought I would ever see in my lifetime.

I will follow the ideals and teaching of our Teacher Ron Paul to the gates of hell if that what it takes to change things for my children, I will not compromise, I will not redraw my line in the sand. It's REVOLUTION, AND EVOLUTION OR PERISH. This movement is not just a Revolution but the spearhead of a spiritual evolution on our planet. We have been given another opportunity to change and grow into beings who no not war anymore. Do others see this, orr am I the one who's crazy? It is within every human to be free, we have had these same oppressors for too long.

Thank you all for being here and teaching me so many things that I never learned in school. For adding to my spiritual evolution as a human being in the family of man.

The Revolution - Evolution has begun and cannot be undone.


Establishment In Panic

By Mark Watson

I have been watching the events surrounding both the Democratic and Republican conventions and have been very troubled by them.

Each was marred by unnecessary arrests, detentions, charges and violence against legitimate media organizations and peaceful protestors. I say unnecessary because in most instances, no laws were broken, nor was there any reasonable reason to believe that any would be. What happened at both conventions was pure third-world like political intimidation aimed at the peaceful voices of dissent in America. What in the world was our establishment thinking by arresting a woman like Amy Goodman? What were our authorities thinking about when they went into peoples homes and did mass arrests of Americans who only wanted to engage in legitimate protests against policies they find repulsive. Let us understand one thing clearly, political protests are as American as Apple pie, there is nothing unpatriotic about them. The demonstrated lack of patriotism comes when our leaders take away that Constitutional right. This goes against the principles of the Constitution and the traditions of America that allows for peaceful change. It was those principles that made the US the greatest, most powerful and envied nation on earth. It is an America those inside the political establishment are working overtime to destroy. These actions are probably the most alarming development of this administration since the institution of torture and its preaching of the gospel of 'unlimited war' on anyone for any reason they choose. Each of these moves are wholly un-American and criminal acts.

What the recent escapades of police state antics tells me is that establishment (the Democrats and GOP who voted for the Patriot act and FISA that nullifies the Constitution) are in a panic. Let us consider the spate of verifiable vote fraud that has gone on in the past Two elections that would at least have replaced Bush-Cheney. The fraud experienced is not a 'theoretical' thing, it changed which party rules (twice) and where almost a trillion dollars of your money went. What seems clear to this author is that the establishment (GOP and Democrats) are not going to allow any change that comes from the people; not via protests and not via elections. As I have stated before, our republic is as dead as a doornail. Americans have wrapped themselves up in a cocoon of mindless consumption and idiotic entertainment and have intentionally shut out the harsh realities of what America has become. Like the ostrich, they think it is safer to bury their head in the sand. The only thing that does is protect you from the knowledge of who is kicking you in the butt.

This is why I see major changes on the horizon for all of us. Something has got our establishment spooked. That fear coupled with their arrogance and brazenness is going to lead to some very serious repression in the near term. Americans, I do not think right now, have the stomach for the level of political violence our leaders are prepared for. But as our economic situation visibly deteriorates, more repressive measures will, in their view, become necessary. I cannot stress enough just how serious this fiscal crisis is, and if you have not heard much about it on your Nightly News or Mainstream newspaper, there is a reason for it.

First and foremost is the state of the US banking system. It is, to quote the current FDIC chairman, 'dismal'. Real news about the state of our banks would start people heading to the banks to get their money out. The smart ones already have. The dumb ones won't until they drive to work one day and wonder why there is a line of people outside of most of the banks they pass by. This goes to the heart of one of the reasons why Americans have been so complacent about what has been happening to our republic. It is because of, as a good friend of mine always says, the 'I got mine' syndrome. They do not care about the nation, their neighbor, their spouses or in some cases even their own children, as longs as they can 'front' having that middle class dream, the big house, SUV, boat, vacation time share... All on borrowed money.

You see this is all going to change. The trick for the establishment is to make the change as slow and as painless as possible while ramping up the police state measures that are already clearly apparent, even to the ostrich who only occasionally looks outside of his hole in the sand. Everyone knows it except the average Joe, who still thinks his vote will count in November. Marx said that Religion is the opiate of the masses. I disagree. In America, voting is the opiate of the masses, because whether you know it our not, you are not allowed to vote for change. You are only allowed to vote for those who will continue the policies that George Bush set in motion. A dozens tired and true methods are already in place to see to it that there will be no change.

Here is where you regular readers of Watson's Web will understand just what our War on Terror is really all about. If it is boiled down to its barest roots, it is about wealth and the distribution of it. It is about the violent repression of any voice that seeks a share in a dwindling economic pie and a voice at the political table. Whether it is in a remote village in Warziristan, where the US just attacked (where some very poor people live) or on the battlefield of Iraq, America's war on Terror is really a war on any form of organized dissent not controlled by Major US corporations. That is not to say that radical Islam is not a threat to stability in the world, it is. But from the eyes of the oppressed, it is less a threat than the terror the US inflicts on them. This war is a key test for US led globalization and its ability to bring the world under the dominance of western 'neo-liberal' capitalism. While there have been victories, there have been defeats as well, but America will lose this war.


Because for every terrorist they kill, three more will (and have) replace(d) them, after their dead sisters, brothers, parents or spouses are buried. Not only that, but our policies around the world has led to a situation now that other nations, like the Russians, have every reason to assist those who fight America around the world with modern weapons, training and intelligence support. Not so much to let the militants win, but to inflict damage on American forces. This is the dynamic that few contemplate; that this war is not really about 'terrorism', it is about dissent, all forms of it no matter where it is in the world and that includes the US. It is about the enforcement of a world view that many in the world view as odious, that being the continuance of an empire that has done enormous economic and physical harm to their nations, homes families and tribes. This is not the view of American influence in the world that we read in civics classes or see on TV. But what must be kept in mind is that others see these realities first hand, when they hear American bombs and US Special operations troops machine gun fire in their poor and formerly quiet villages. These are scenes that America's political establishment take great pains to ensure never get told to Americans.

Iraq was the perfect example of the real nature of this war. It was about removing a man whom the US did not like. Not that Saddam was any worse than the Saudi's on the 'repression scale', he wasn't. He just had oil that the US wanted and began to sell it in Euro's, a big mistake as far as the US was concerned. He had to go. There were no terrorists in Iraq until the US invaded it, began torturing Iraqi citizens and children and thumped its chest on the world stage and essentially said to the world, 'no one can stop us, We are America!'. This geopolitical boast of arrogance (and stupidity) has led to the increased isolation of the US, capital flight, mass protests in formerly friendly capitals and a near miss arrest of a sitting Defense Secretary on charges of War Crimes. Even now some of our leaders are afraid to travel abroad without diplomatic immunity. Some of Bush's top advisors (non-cabinet) cannot travel to a great many nations because of previous associations with War Crimes. Our political establishment and by default the American people have criminalized American policy and are creating a situation where America is increasingly isolated from even its long term friends. This is one reason why the EU will not walk in lock-step with Washington over the Georgian crisis, isolation and an inability and unwillingness to use serious diplomacy to resolve disputes. America's first instinct is to reach for a warship or couple of F-16's.

On some level this war was bound to target dissent in America. The acts of the American political establishment (it is very important that you get it in your heads that it is both major parties and not just the GOP) are criminal and they know it. Even those who have the most power in this administration have to be concerned with the fallout of their acts after they leave office, not here at home, but abroad where it is quite possible that powerful (big money) forces will target Bush-Cheney-Rice-Rumsfeld for War Crimes and attempt to try them. I would not say this is likely, but I would say that it is possible.

They have pissed off a lot of people with money... big, big money overseas. But trials will not happen in the US, despite what O'Biden has said. The hooks key members of the Bush administration have into Obama are real and substantial, such a move would cause repeat of what happened the day before Obama's flip-flop on FISA, you remember... his plane had a serious 'accident'. The next day he went back on his word and went into the Senate Chamber and voted for FISA. Sure they may have discussions about it and set up an exploratory committee just to placate the masses, but Prosecution in the US? Folks, it isn't going to happen. To do so would open up Pelosi, Biden, Reid and a host of Democrats to the same charges. Remember they supported what this administration has done, right down the line. So forget about it, no trials here in the US.

It is not war crimes trials that has our establishment spooked. But something has them making some major domestic and geopolitical miscalculations. That is just how I view their heavy handedness in Denver and St. Paul and to a lesser degree our misadventure in Georgia. Protestors are part of the scene at political conventions but here in 21st Century America they are no longer broadcast on TV and journalists who do not tout the party line are arrested and the fact is omitted from the MSM. If you are not afraid of what is in control of the American government you should be. Why? Because as the money dries up for our wars, the contractors are going to want contracts for the money they are giving O'Biden and McPalin. That money is going to be spent. They will get their money the question is who are the mercenaries next target? Do you really want to know who they will target when the banks fail and you are standing in line to get your money and find that the FDIC will now only cover significantly less that the $100k they originally insured and that you have to wait 6 months for it as bank after bank collapses under the weight of bad loans?

Who will pay your mortgage while you wait? How will put food on your table? So... Who will they target?

Go find a mirror and get a real good look at the reflection. If you had any doubt about the motives of the men who hold the reigns of power in America, ask Amy Goodman.

I am sure she will be glad to tell you.

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Do as Ron Paul did for the

Do as Ron Paul did for the last 30 years of his life. Ignore those schmucks and keep spreading the message.

After going to the rally in MN, I'm 100% confident that our message will spread like wildfire. Keep your head up and know that millions of Americans are by your side... And there's many more to come.

Do you know someone who cares a lot about Israel? Send them this link that explains why Ron Paul's message is better for Israel, America, and the world. www.AmericansForIsrael.com

The thing that bothers me

is even if we got every low life crook out of office and took back this country,more will replace them and the whole thing would start all over again!There have always been evil people in this world and there always will be.
So how do you stop this cycle?

northstar's picture

Lots of good read there

We can't and won't back down. We have to continue keeping up the pressure. We won't shut up until people listen and they start acting like adults and they stop believing everything that g'damn MSM tube is telling them.

Show your support on the Ron Paul Map !
People worldwide support Dr. Paul too :-)

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

don´t worry we will prevail together..... the thing is we won´t

ever give up, how could we.......so we will win, I am sure..