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Chuck Norris

I don't know much about Chuck Norris' political beliefs, but after reading the following short interview I'm quite surprised that he wasn't supporting Ron Paul.


Oh yeah, and Chuck Norris is so tough that if he joined the r3volution the other side simply would have given up... ;-)

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Chuck Norris needs to stop coloring his hair and wearing


He looks like he's dead and being kept alive by Disney.


Lisa C.

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he supported the huckster if

he supported the huckster if I remember correctly....

**the soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears**

Yep. He was a big Huckabee

Yep. He was a big Huckabee supporter. But the interview makes it seem as though he really should have been backing RP. RP is a lot closer to the issues Norris was talking about.