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CFR Speaks at C4L

Why was Grover Norquist allowed to speak at the C4L. He is on the roster of the CFR.I think we have been infiltrated by them and it disturbes me that he was allowed to speak at our rally. Any thoughts on the matter.

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thats like saying Satan is not evil all the time, he likes to help out others from time to time, just because he is condemned to hell doesn't mean he is "evil".
I responding to the guy who says Norquist is not a die hard CFR member.
Doesn't matter, are you still willing to listen to his agenda?!?!?!

"The real terrorist's are in this country. They are not planning to blow us up,......... but rather, take our money, our freedom, and our country."

The CFR is a group that

The CFR is a group that likes to recruit the best and the brightest. . .thereby hoping to influence them with their ideals. Being a member of the CFR does NOT mean you're "one of them" nor does it mean you're evil. It means you're good at what you do and were invited to join an elite group that connects you with other very smart and talented individuals.

Yes, the ultimate goal of the CFR is nefarious, but that is the core of it, not the prestigious outer shell that is shown to new recruits! Chalmers Johnson is a CFR member. . .

Host, The Next Step Podcast

Kitty Pilgrim is also on the CFR roster...

... and she's repeatedly backed up Lou Dobb's in condemning the NAU and the SPP. From everything I'd seen of her she's no globalist, but she is listed as a member of the CFR.

As for Norquist, I don't know what his true affiliation is with them, but I'm sure if he had a globalist mindset he wouldn't have been invited to speak at the R4R.

The Improbably Named "Kitty Pilgrim"

Her name sounds both sexy and prudish at the same time.

Vigilance is not necessarily paranoia. Be careful with that.

Thank you for noticing Nordquist's association with CFR. This is what its going to take to increase our understanding and know where the line is drawn - is a vigilance to take notice.

Perhaps one of us may ask Nordquist directly just what does he mean when he is a member of CFR and yet comes to speak at an 'American Constitutionalist' rally? Two very extreme polarities in philosophy.

Just like someone in the crowd at an Obama rally asked him directly if he is a member of CFR and what he thought about the NAU/Amero. Of course, his response was kinda sarcastic, like,

"....I, I, I, um, don't, I don't have a card...you know(audience laughs like its a joke even though joke is on each of them), I don't think I'm a member. I spoke there once. (He spoke there many times actually and his wife is a member). " Oh, ya, the, what is that, oh ya the ah, North American Union, ah, that is something I think Ron Paul talks about. No, I haven't heard anything about that and I don't think there is any such thing going on that I heard. Next...."

Meanwhile, Obama's foreign policy people are all long time serious CFR; Zbignew Brzeznski, Madeleine(it was worth it)Albright.

When I pointed this out to an Obama friend I work with, she actually denied it. I asked her what she is reading that she didn't know that? So I sent her numerous links so she could be informed.

Check out the level of 'infiltration' in our political/foreign policy/Federal Reserve. Its a great link: http://www.nowpublic.com/obama-cfr

One becomes a 'member' because of an alignment with NWO agendas. I'm sure there are great 'personal benefits' to being a member. Nordquist owes us all an explanation.

It is my understanding

that there are some (few) good people in each and every organization we hold to disdain.

My assumption

I assume most in the CFR are trying to better their careers and are genuinely interested in learning about and discussing foreign relations.

They, like many other sheeple still sleeping, have no idea what it is they're joining and will likely never reach the inner circle where those kinds of things are acknowledged and discussed - kinda like Masons/Shriners who think they're all about business networking and helping burned or crippled kids. Nothing wrong with that intent, and it is simple ignorance that has them unwittingly support bad organizations for what they believe are good reasons.

Many in the CFR are absolutely worthy of our scorn, but most are dupes that just need to be educated.

I did not know he was CFR


I will say what I say about

I will say what I say about Ron Paul's guffaws....
I hope and pray these things are out of ignorance and him just not knowing.....

"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32


Did you mean gaffes maybe? Gaffes are errors (usually verbal slips), while guffaw means laughing out loud. lol ;-)

for God's sake loose your paranoia

He is a strong conservative voice, and his transparency in government issue is Very very important to any liberty movement.

Maybe we have infiltrated the CFR, ever look at it that way ?

Maybe the CFR ain't that bad

We all think that all members of the CFR are committed to destroy the USA.

That's silly.

Well, if you do not like our

Well, if you do not like our Constitution and National Sovereignty, you are right. They have an agenda of globalization and one world government. That is what they talk about, that is what they push.