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Ron Paul Press Conference - Listen Live - 10AM Eastern - Sep 10th

RevolutionBroadcasting.com has a reporter on location. Barring any major difficulties, we will be bringing you the press conference live.


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I am so proud of Ron Paul

and all of the people who support him.
"We will never give up. We will never give in." - Dr. Ron Paul

"We will never give up. We will never give in." - Dr. Ron Paul



"Historically, revolutions are started by a select few, and are ignored by the mainstream for a long time — until they can no longer be ignored. That point has passed, and they can ignore us no longer". - Ron Paul


in case you missed it, we will replay the press conference now and probably later too... come join us!


Ray Powell

Ray Powell
Founder, Hacking For Change
Head Geek, Startbutton.com

Are you getting the Barr

Are you getting the Barr press conference feed?

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I love the way the

Russian reporter said she wanted to do an in-depth interview and give Dr. Paul the coverage that the American press would not give him!!

Ron Paul 2009


Bump for the reporter

for understanding more than some Americans do!

Bump for the reporter!

bump for freedom!

Wow! 855 people here

right now, 11:38 AM Eastern....
I think it was highly disrespectful of Barr not to show..
I haven't made up my mind about anything proposed today...I need to do some more research...wanna check out votepac, etc..

O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

OT: Dr. Steve

I'm listening to the interview with Delia Lopez. She was looking for a good campaign manager the other day: perhaps she should consider James Ostrowski. He is in NY state, I think, but he can do press releases etc. He was active in Dr. Paul's NY primary and posts on LRC as well and has his own bog, very well qualified.

It is good start for unity in third parties.

I think Barr made a big mistake not showing up. I haven't decided who will get my vote but a no show by Barr puts him at the bottom of the list if not all together off the list.

Missed a good part of conference. Please post a you tube ASAP. Thanks

"The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy...You have to understand most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it". - Morpheus


It is ridiculous that Barr played hooky this morning. Maybe Barr will endorse Ron to make sense of all this. Paul/Barr 08'?

"Historically, revolutions are started by a select few, and are ignored by the mainstream for a long time — until they can no longer be ignored. That point has passed, and they can ignore us no longer". - Ron Paul

Maybe Barr wasn't there to make way for Paul

Again, we don't know what happened.

Concerning, a Paul/Barr ticket...I don't trust Barr, I disagree with Barr's views. Making Barr Paul's VP is like throwing gas all over Ron Paul and the MSM is a volcano!

I'd rather see McKinney or Nader match up with Paul. Their previous liberalism may be drastically outshadowed by current events. If they are truly behind getting rid of the Fed and stuff, then they instantly become a big asset to Paul.

Jesse Ventura? He's apparently too busy judging our actions until 2012.

My dream is that Carter or Gary Johnson comes out of now where to join Paul.

I Know what happened. I was there


Bob Barr torpedoed Ron Paul' presss conference and held his own 15 minutes later. Now he's trying to spin it with this make Ron Paul my VP
BS. I was going to vote for Barr. Glad he made me change my mind.


has a NPC meeting at 12:00 and will also sign the 4 point plan, he probably had something came up and had to chance scedule. Barr's platform is very close to Dr. Paul, much much closer than Nader or McKinney...what do you mean? If you disagree with Barr's views, then you disagree with Paul's as well. A well known left wingwith counterpunch has endorsed Barr the other day, also as barr is the only of the major 3rd party candidates that had anything to say about South Ossetia. Dr. Paul also refers to it...do you DD.

For 2012 - if not Dr. Paul - gov. Gary Johnson is the best option. I do not think Jesse Ventura at all, he is busy surfing in Mexico and promoting his book. He does not exactly have a limited govt. history, while Gary Johnson served two terms and has an excellent history to fall back onto.


Barr deliberately snubbed Paul and his efforts.

Barr didn't want to be there

Barr didn't want to be there he scheduled his own press conference and he can kiss my ass.






Dr. Steve Parent

How do you know it?

Do you have any proof for such a statement? I saw till yesterday he had a meeting at 10:00 scheduled, but it has been changed to 12:00. He will probably be asked about it and will give an explanation, he does agree with the 4 point statement. Something unforeseen could have happened.

Don't be so negative towards him. It really does not serve the cause of liberty to speak ill of Dr. Paul's friend since many years and the person whom Dr. Paul encouraged to run for the LP nomination.

Also: another interview with Barr was promised long time ago by revolutionbroadcasting. What has happened? Empty promise? In the emantime revolutionsbroadcasting has merged towards a mouthpiece for the CP and Baldwin and some congressional candidates alone, or has it also promoted LP candidates close to Dr. Paul?
One may note that while there is almost no daily update with Chuck Baldwin's campaign, Bob Barr seems to have at least one PR every day and works hard for his exposure and spread the message to new voters as well, and not only speaking to the crowd.

Barr said it himself

Barr said in his press conference he did not attend Ron Paul's event because being there with the other candidates would dilute his own support. I kid you not!

Paul/ Goldwater 08

Paul/Ventura 2012- If we are true revolutionaries, whom agree that the New World Order must be stopped, then we need to make a dramatic statement.

"Historically, revolutions are started by a select few, and are ignored by the mainstream for a long time — until they can no longer be ignored. That point has passed, and they can ignore us no longer". - Ron Paul


We know there are disinfo divide and conquer provocateurs who will snipe. Shake it off.

Please model your communication on Dr. Paul's example of diplomacy and statesmanship from here forward during this Constitutional Crisis. There will be time enough to debate polemics. This isn't a sports blog.

Rise to the occasion

I am very angry at Barr

I am very angy at Barr. I have been in the LP for 25 years. I think what he did today destroyed the LP. I have no agenda other than Liberty. I'm just telling you what happened.

I didn't see it, but it sounds like Paul dispersed our efforts

over several lame parties.

So he focused our efforts, took millions from us...then quit and, today, dispersed our efforts into oblivion.

Cuz it kinda sounds like that what happened.

WTF! How do we get Ron Paul's name on the fucking ballots?

What do you mean?

Get real. Guess what, Dr. Paul is a lifelong member of two of what you call "lame" parties (CP and LP) and received support from Green Party members as well. What did you expect? Should he have run himself? Guess what, he is already on the ballot in two states, but it is way too late to be on the ballot in any other state. Get real. Also, if he were to run, the chances of him winning would have been low, and then you would have wasted all monies sent now.
The efforts are not into oblivion, a C4L movement has been built up and organized and will become a major force. The immediate goal is on a national level to get the third party candidates, especially Barr and Baldwin as much support and votes as possible and then also local candidates. And then work towards 2010....for a real compete revolution.

i'm ready to give up?

i find your conclusion right on the money. whether it was paul or nader or baldwin or mckinney or whomever- WE NEEDED A TRUE UNITY HERE. as it stands, sending a message as Dr. Paul asked us to do by voting third party does what? divide divide divide. maybe by some miracle, all of these candidates will truly unite and put one person on the party tickets. i won't give up my fight for freedom. this conference was important- yes, but it sorely lacked in giving us any tools 2 change a single thing in this election. so fellow patriots- what now??




Dr. Paul can facilitate third parties to act together. You cannot expect him to appoint a unified ticket for the four parties/tickets! That is up to the four parties themselves. Their respective NC should decide, the party leader does not have the power., though he/she can make suggestions. I cannot see all 4 parties merging, the domestic platforms are too different. Nader + McKinney (GP) could merge and then also the CP and LP, but the CP would only do it on a pro-life platform basis....there are pro-abortionists in the LP, but not all. There are also some other differences. Best way for the future is to register a new party, like Independence Party that can include the CP and LP plus some Greens and Independents.

Baldwin is great alternative.

Baldwin respects the freedom to choose your own religion. Baldwin has almost exactly the same standpoints as Ron Paul.

not really

no gambling, no legalization of drugs, a few others

I liked Baldwin a lot .....

BUT, he was in cahoots with Jerry Falwell, his dear friend?

Jerry Falwell??

I think he said that to show he has political experience

My impression what that he wanted to show he has been involved with politics on multiple levels in case people thought, why would a pastor all of a sudden become a politician.
Just an idea.