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House votes to keep Mexican trucks off US Highways

Bush of course is threatening to veto the bill...

House Votes to Keep Mexican Trucks off U.S. Highways
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Looks like the Teamster

Looks like the Teamsters still have plenty of clout. Do you realize that some of the world's best semi's and buses are built by Dina in Mexico? North Mexico is becoming more and more like South Texas, while southern Mexico with its leftist politicians lags behind. Why do you want to hold back progress? This has no necessary connection with a North American Union. It has to do with freedom.

Bush already gave the

verbal go ahead and they have been on our highways for months now.

Happy to see House trying to do something...

Gheeze - forgot the election year sham!

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He's the man.


This is the SAME House that passed the bill allowing the Mexican carriers into this country unabated during the Labor Day recess last year.

Excelent Point

Political move only, election year and all.

Of course!

Jorge Arbusto has been paid many pesos to create the NAU.