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Where can I still buy r3VOLution banners, bumper

stickers, etc.? Address, phone, website? I'm hoping they are available -- even with VOTPAC, I'm still in the rEVOLution headed by the most amazing, groundbreaking, inspirational statesman of our time.

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I'm sure the old stuff is

I'm sure the old stuff is still out there, but it's time to move on. We need to start promoting the Campaign For Liberty, so get to it.(:-)

Show your support for Ron Paul's Campaign For Liberty project. Go to www.CampaignForLibertyStuff.com for window decals, signs, and banners to promote the CFL.

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I'm ready to move on in the direction Ron Paul

opened up today. But I want to take the original logo along, for inspiration, nostalgia, and because I think it caught the essence of the beginning of a true revolution in American, perhaps world, thinking.
thank you for your website, I liked the items you're offering.

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Also, who is the design genius

who created the r3VOLution logo? We all love the design but I've never seen the artist credited.

He Was Mentioned

at the Rally for the Republic - before all the speakers began -
we should be able to track his name down for you....

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I hope you can find

the artist thanks for replying. And hopefully there will still be available banners or stickers.