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U.S. warplanes to patrol Baltic airspace from October

RIGA, September 10 (RIA Novosti) - The U.S. Air Force will patrol the airspace over the Baltic states from October, the Latvian Defense Ministry said on Wednesday.

A group of U.S. F-16 fighter jets will replace the current German planes on a rotation basis.

Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia reached an agreement with NATO on the lease of fighters to patrol their airspace in 2004. Patrols have since been conducted by Belgian, Spanish, Norwegian, German and Danish aircraft.

The patrols cost the Latvian taxpayers $4 million a year.

The Baltic States have virtually no fighter planes. They said earlier that they would be unable to acquire their own fighter planes before 2018.

The Baltic skies are presently secured by the so-called NATO air police, which in addition to fighter planes also provide air defense systems and manpower.


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And the Russians are sending

And the Russians are sending a nuclear powered destroyer to the Caribbean for joint exercises with the Venezuelans.

Why is the American government poking the bear?

It's like they are trying to get us all killed.

Rhetorical question or do you want an answer?

The answer to your question is the same as why is Russia antagonizing the US.

To stir up nationalist sentiment to quell the growing sense of discontent and hostility towards those in charge.

It's worked before...hopefully it won't work again.

umm we funded Georgia.

We are putting up missile sites in Poland, We've got enough naval firepower in the Black sea to wipe India off the map and you say Russia is being aggressive..

HEY $70 dollar a barrel oil boy. October is close November is right around the corner. How do you like your hat? With or without salt.

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Please explain

how Russia is antagonizing the US. Anything they've done so far, is in response to our aggressive meddling.


Yeah, I know we are provoking them, but don't paint Moscow as an innocent victim in this.

Their response to the Georgia thing (instigated by us) was a bit over the top. I understand protecting the breakaway republics, but why invade Georgia proper? They picked a very clear line for their invasion, and that line was the oil pipeline if you look at a map. That was no accident.


I don't think the military invasion of Georgia was the proper moral resource but if you look at it from the military side I would have to say it was better to push forward and retract than to just remove the invaders.

There are no saints in this war, the US is deeply involved and the Russians have plenty vested in it. I agree with your post and but the move into Georgia as a military strategic move.

Well that's how it works

It has always been one side pushes, the other pushes back. They drive each other to the brink, and once in a while go play proxy war, but never too far as to actually engage in a real war.

We are being led right now by an ex KGB agent and the son of the CIA chief, it isn't any surprise that they've warmed up the cold war a little.