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Picking a Consensus Presidential Candidate Just Got Easier

While I respect the right of all RP supporters to choose a candidate of their liking, I have come to believe after todays press conference, that one candidate remains with a real chance at winning this thing. His name is Ralph Nader.

First off, Barr not showing has once and for all eliminated him from my options completely. I have always thought that he was just a neocon plant anyways.

On to Chuck Baldwin. Oh Chuck, why did you have to go there with the "my dear friend Jerry Falwell" line at the press conference. I like some of Baldwins positions but think that his religious views are leaning more on the extremist side. Also, he said that it wasn't until 2004 that he really started to question Americas policies and direction. Plus the CP has ballot access issues on top of it all.

As for Cynthia Mckinney, God bless her, she seems like a smart and nice lady who really cares about our constitutional guarantess, but as for polling and media attention, she has gotten the least. I think she deserves a good position in any cabinet though.

The last man standing in my opinion has to be Ralph Nader. Just yesterday his campaign announced that they have reached their goal of ballot access in 45 states!!! Not only has Nader always supported the Constituion but he has been consistently doing it for his entire adult life! For God's sake he was involved in establishing The Freedom of Information Act! He is a fighter for the American people and a true Patriot. He can actually win because he can draw enough of both left and right to succeed. Also his VP Matt Gonzales is a rising star who speaks very well and could easily take on a Biden or Palin in any debate.

In conclusion, vote for the candidate that you like the most. This is a free country after all and each candidate earns their vote and takes away none from the other. Remember though that a glass half full scenario can sometimes be a strategy that works when it comes to true change and Constitutional restoration. Peace

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does actually have a better chance than any of the other 3. the other parties never even break a million votes and Nader gets 2.3 million sometimes. I definetly agree with the others more but i think if he was elected he will work first on the issues we all want dealt with, then if theres time he'll do his others. Im not sure yet but i might vote for him

Good logic NickM

This is all about strategy now. The four issues in the pledge are the most important to RP and us his disciples. Let's win this thing in a 3 way race!!!

it's all here - Baldwin has been calling Falwell out

it's all here - Baldwin has been calling Falwell outfor some time.
So you liberty lover's don't like the fact that he considers him a friend?




In or around Central NJ?
Come meet Chuck Baldwin Sep 26, Sep 27
email wortguy@gmail.com for more details as they become available.



Thanks for posting this

"We will never give up. We will never give in." - Dr. Ron Paul

"We will never give up. We will never give in." - Dr. Ron Paul

Of the three, Cynthia McKinney is a good choice...but...

Just being a black woman will make her a media hit.

She has real political office experience, comes from a solid political family, and has a pretty big following in ATL.

Plus, she stood up to Bush right after 9/11...which shows integrity...get that played on TV enough and people will back her.

She can play down her pre-9/11 liberal views, play up environmental issues (of which there are no comparable candidates), go Constitution, get Paul as her VP, and we can pull voters from both the Dems and Pubs...possibly making the two-party system into a three-party system...which opens the doors to next election.

The only possible drawback is whether the Green party has ballot access to enough states.

If we go solely by ballot access, then Nader is the way to go (45 states).

Play up her environmental views?

That's an asset?
Dude, do you know that environmental plan consists of using physical force (or the threat of)?

Conservatism and environmentalism can work together fine

I agree that some environmental legislation is horrible, but the two can work well together.

Anyway, the real issue is which third party candidate to back...and at this late stage of the game, IF we want to shake up the system, the best choice is the party with the most ballot access and that is, I believe, Nader.

If Nader made RP his VP, then all hell could break loose.

How many other candidates do Nader or Baldwin's parties have?

Check your ballots. Don't forget that the presidential race isn't the only one where a vote for the message is appropriate.

And, if we've learned anything, Congress is more important than the president.


What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

As eduacted as Baldwin is about the NWO

you think he could see right through the wolf-in-sheep's clothing and realize that Falwell is a Mason.


Research the REAL driving force behind the New World Order:


Can I get a bump .............

from the non-fundamentalist Christian DP'ers who just want civil-liberties,balanced budgets and Peace on Earth! Paul has endorsed all of the alternative candidates and wants US to work it out on our own. If Nader is good enough for RP then give him a freakin chance. With Barr exposed,we now are left with RN having the most ballot access. Let's be productive and get behind one candidate to win. Breaking up the vote minimizes our impact in this election.

Overall, I think Bob Barr is better than

Nader when it comes to liberty. Nader is too much of an authoritarian--he is pro-taxation. Enough said.

Taxation is theft, conscription is slavery, was is mass-murder. - Murray N. Rothbard


Didnt Barr vote YEA for the USA Patriot Act?!

"We dare not forget that we are heirs of that first revolution" -JFK

Oh C'mon, Benedict Elephant?

Nader is NOT for freedom. He wants to control your life, but at least he SHOWED UP when he promised he would. Babar is DONE. No story book elephants (or ex CIA agents with similar names) allowed.

Control your life?

I guess ending the War On Drugs and restoring our civil liberties by removing the Patriot Act is what you consider control. Nader signed the pledge. He will Investigate the Fed!!! Ralph is for more freedom than any of us has ever experienced in our lifetime. So, please don't make one sentence statements that have nothing to back them up.

R-Double have you studied libertarianism?

Nader is for socialized-medicine, government schools, welfare, etc
All those require physical coercion (or the threat) to be funded.

That is control.

I'm not voting for Barr

I think I'm gonna advocate not voting this year.

pres. qualify.

NO way NO Nader

What gives R-Double?

You come on here and say that Nader "has always supported the Constitution"...
What a joke dude....

I voted for Nader the last

I voted for Nader the last two elections. I think he is excellent. His domestic views are total crap, but if he hangs around RP much he may see the error of his ways. He is a very strong advocate of the people. I am certain he will give ron a position if he wins. I think we should just post the good things about ALL the third party candidates and only bad things about the "other two".
THAT's the Ron Paul way..LOL

Check CM out carefully

here is a link, not sure if it will work but it's republic magazine issue #8 and shows her voting record etc.


!!!Truth is treason in the EMPIRE OF LIES!!!

" Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of they day; but a series of oppresssions...pursued unalterably, through every change of ministers, too plainly proove delibrate, systematical plan of reducing us to slavery..."


I could care less what CM votes for or stands for.

It's a bullshit vote for a bullshit election; as long as you vote for one of these non-unified third parties, you're doing the best thing possible in what appears to be an impossible situation.

Obama's most significant selling point is skin color: BLACK

McCain's most significant selling point is his gender: FEMALE

CM has the best of both parties wrapped in one package.

You should

Read Chuck Baldwin's article linked below, where he clearly states different/opposing views and outright criticisms of Jerry Falwell, but doesn't let that make them become personal enemies.
Chuck has views quite different than Jerry, but doesn't hate him over it.


CM all the way

CM has everything...the right skin color, the right gender...that really matters most to voters this cycle.

I'm energized!

What's her party anyway?

lol That only works if you have a $100+ million



Glen Beck -- An Exposed Enemy:
Glenn Beck Supports NAFTA and taking your job:

The problem I have with your assessment ...

Asside from condemning corporate whores, Nader campaigns mostly on worker's rights and consumer rights and proposes federal laws that enhance these rights.

I can not vote for him.

As of today, I am still writing my vote in.


Nader's a socialist on a

Nader's a socialist on a number of issues.

You know what's a million times worse than socialism?

FASCISM!!! Right now we are a nation that is taxed like it is socialist and pay SOCIAL security, but get nothing in return. Nader is not Karl Marx. So what if he wants to provide Americans with health care and protect the environment? We would SAVE billions if not trillions of dollars under a Nader administration. He is for SMALLER government, just not as small as RP. That's the only difference.

The lesser of two evils is

The lesser of two evils is still evil. Nader may have good things to say and good points to make, but I can't vote in good conscience for him.