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Police target Ron Paul supporter

"Look at this communist crap!!!

Look at what happened within 72 hours of putting Ron Paul stickers on my bike and wearing Ron Paul apparel. Never have I received a ticket on my bike and I've been riding a while in the same area, 8,000 plus miles no tickets, within 72 hours 3 different occasion's , I've been hit by insanely stupid tickets and arrested twice since Sunday, Sept 7th when the stickers went on my bike. I refuse to take them off and I refuse to stop riding. One of the officer's tried to explain how good McCain and Palin are. When I objected I was arrested, so my back seat passenger took a "


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In PENNA. you have a hearing on each ticket . If the DIST Magestrate finds you guilty you can APPEAL, w/proper form USUALLY within 30 days. PROTHONATARY OFFICE
ONCE the appeal is filed that is the end of ticket unless the police persue Court at their expense. You may have to pay court costs as part of the fine, if it goes to court but these costs are reasonable.
Now a CRIMINAL COMPLAINT is a different ballgame, GET LAWYER .

When, Where, What City, Name of Officer, Ect...

Put that out there and ask the troops to start calling and writing.

Why, would you protest if a police officer is giving you their political opinion? Why not just say yes sir / maam and / or I never thought of it like that and then say you just really like the Ron Paul Revolution logo..

Psy Op to get people to take off the RP gear from Cars and Bikes ??
Too Generic... Lack of Specifics...

I don't know.. I love my RP stickers and they are staying on until they fade and then being replaced. But, I don't drive, but walk and take the bus with RP gear all the time.

Dale Legan

"We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light." - Plato

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That is the Ron Paul rEVOLution Creed.

One Louv. ;-)..

my 2 cents...

1- he should contest every one of those tickets (file motions of discovery for every one), make it such a pain in their arse to prosecute that they cut their losses and drop the charges before it ever goes to "trial" (traffic court: what a sick joke that is)

2- complain to his city/town councilman about harrasment by police officers for his political views (of course cops don't like RP... they're facist nazis? -duh-)

3- talk to a good civil rights lawyer, he may have grounds for a lawsuit (could also try contacting the ACLU but since you're not in a minority ethnic group they probably won't even hear you out)...

ok that's 3 cents :-)

That's what my husband does-

He has not had to pay a ticket in I don't know how long- 9 times out of 10 the cop won't even show.

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