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Barr ‘embarrasses LP’ by no-show at Ron Paul press event

“Bob Barr continues to find ways to slap the Ron Paul movement in the face and embarrass the LP,” says former LP Vice Chair Chuck Moulton, in reference to Barr standing up Ron Paul at his National Press Club announcement. “Clearly [Barr] is in D.C. and at the national press club, since he has his own event there in 15 minutes. It is inconceivable to me that he would be a no show.”

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UPDATE from gregsarnowski: According to Don Rasmussen, who is involved with the CFL, “Barr committed to participate, but had his campaign manager call us minutes before it started to tell us that Bob thinks ‘it just isn’t worth it.’ I look forward to hearing him explain how breaking a promise to Congressman Paul constitutes a wise campaign strategy. ”

UPDATE: Reason’s Dave Weigel reports, “Barr pulled out of the conference this morning, but the LP’s Austin Petersen hadn’t been told. He showed up with campaign literature and was kicked out of the hallway by Paul spokesman Jesse Benton. ‘He was extremely angry,’ Petersen said. ‘I feel like the fall guy.’”

But Barr backed out much earlier, obviously, since he wasn’t included in a C4L press release issued at 8:47 a.m.

Ralph Nader “represented the Libertarian Party and fielded the first question directed at Bob Barr,” says Tony Wall, LP state chairman of Tennessee. “This is absolutely a disgrace to the Libertarian Party and is totally unacceptable.”