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Bob Barr - planted to subvert and divert the movement?

"The best way to control the opposition is to LEAD IT OURSELVES" - quote attributed to Lenin, and applied by the powers that be in virtually all areas of life.

Bob Barr's past has always led me to believe he was insincere and not the principled man he pretends to be.
Everything he has done these past few months, and the way he has handled himself have only confirmed my suspicions.

The establishment knew that we were a formidable force to be dealt with in November, and I believe Bob Barr was chosen to be the front-man for the Libertarian Party, so that the energy and creative resources and money went to his campaign instead of a truly constitutional party - which happens to be named the Constitution Party, and happens to have nominated a great man when the big named "Bob Barr like" candidate named Alan Keyes tried to dupe the party into nominating him.

You know who else Bob Barr reminds me of in a way? Lou Dobbs - remember how THAT phony almost threw his hat in the race to throw us off track?

I wish the Libertarian Party luck - they will have a tough time becoming relevant with guys like Barr and Root. They have a better chance of becoming the controlled opposition party and get their seat at the table, doing their job to stall the revolution until it is too late.

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Babar is actually French!!

Wikipedia lists the following books about Babar - all French. Maybe he's not eligible to be president - just like McPanama and Okenya?

Histoire de Babar (1931)
Le Voyage de Babar (1932)
Le Roi Babar (1933)
L'ABC de Babar (1934)
Les vacances de Zéphir (1936)
Babar en famille (1938)
Babar et le père Noël (1941)
Laurent de Brunhoff's books:

Babar et ce coquin d'Arthur (1948)
Pique-nique chez Babar (1949)
Babar dans l'Île aux oiseaux (1952)
La fête à Celesteville (1954)
Babar et le professeur Girafon (1956)
Le château de Babar (1961)
Je parle anglais avec Babar (1963)
Je parle allemand avec Babar (1966)
Je parle espagnol avec Babar (1966)
Babar à New York (1966)
Babar's Museum of Art (2003)

do you wonder about

the perfect "ready for damage control" timing of this?


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Yes, of course..... a

Yes, of course..... a politician would NEVER say or write something and then DO something different..... It's never happened before, so what were we thinking????? Barr actions are screaming neocon plant. He voted for the 'stake in the heart' of liberty, the 'patriot' act... what more do we need to know???

Doc Holladay
Nashville, TN


Truth is treason in an empire of lies.

Regardless of what he wrote

Regardless of what he wrote (his website is down at the moment) Bob Barr's actions speak 1000 times louder than his words.

If Barr supported Ron Paul he would have been there today.

If Barr supported our R3VOLUTION he would have been there for that reason as well.



but its not what you say its what you do...and what better way to confuse the obvious snub to disaffected voters today. He's with you America, as long as its clear hes on the throne. But perhaps libertarians are just too damn pure to stand with anyone.

a dangerous thought...pay no attention to the man behind the


Personally I see Barr as an opportunist. I remember back in the Clinton takedown days he was an obscure congressman constantly harpin on Clinton on the tube. I remember thinkin, where did this guy come from? He eventually was defeated for re-election I believe. Then he pops up as the libertarian candidate. At least to my, typical American, consciousness.

Is he "connected"? If it walks like a...Has he been used in, and profited from, undermining republican political opponents? Yes. Frankly its worked out quite well for an obscure GA congressman with a funny mustache.

any thoughts?

they would be appreciated.