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Bob Barr asks Ron Paul to be his Vice President Again

Barr asks Dr. Paul to be his VP again, Root would step down.


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By not supporting VotePak today, Barr showed

he has narrow perception compared with Dr. Paul's scope of vision. Barr doesn't see the big picture. If Ron Paul could be on the LP slate it would have to be as the presidential candidate, not V.P.

THANK GOD, Paul Declined!

Once a Neo-Con, always a Neo-Con.

Rand Paul 2016 for Peace

man fu*k you and bob barr

man fu*k you and bob barr motherfu*ker. this was the last straw.

You act like you have his ear

Tell him this is not about his ego but about our country. Tell him to do the noble thing and step down and give his position to Ron Paul than you can be the hero here. Get RonBarr in on it too. Do something constructive.

That's like the President saying...

"We don't have a cabinet position for you, but you can clean our toilets." I would consider it a sellout, if Dr. Paul accepted. Barr is a failure and just wants our support (votes & financial). I never trusted this neocon. My wife and I switched our party registration from Republican to Constitution last week. Peace.

I agree, GunT...


O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

I never trusted Barr for one minute either

To me, it was as plain as day that this neocon mole was an obvious plant by the establishment in the pro-liberty movement from the beginning. His refusal to disavow foreign interventionism and warmongering (the neocon reason d'etre) and his continued acceptance of the so-called "War on Drugs" (read: "War on Us") should have been sufficient reason for any true Libertarian to have tar and feathered him at the LP Convention, instead of endorsing him.

Dr. Paul is so wise.

Must be a darn good reason why Dr. Paul would never run with Bob Barr?
Can only imagine what Dr. Paul knows about him but would never ever bad mouth any one. "By their fruit you shall know them."

An effort at sabotage

YESTERDAY, after much hype about his news conference and some leaking about what the content would be, Ron Paul receives ONE call from the McCain camp asking him to endorse McCain at his news conference today.

AND, (QUITE coincidentally) he ALSO got a call from the Barr camp, asking him to be the LP Vice President (WHICH, by the way would have put him in a position that made today's conference IMPOSSIBLE, since he couldn't say all of the things he said about choices, if he was on a ticket, now could he).

I would say that the Barr people were cooperating with the neo-cons here...... ya think??? I believe I detect the odor or a rodent. (sniff, sniff)
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Viva La Revolucion!

Not in a million years did I think I would say this ...

but I think your inferences are quite accurate.

Only speculation, but I have little doubt about it.


Dr. Paul is so wise.

We can see that by holding this conference on third parties, Dr. Paul smoked out a NWO vermin plant without even pointing a finger! Wow. Now that's the way to do it!

Amazing, how Bob Barr even admitted to that irritating Washington Times interviewer, that his previous boss was the CIA!

Fiction. Pure fiction.

If Root steps down, the appointment of a new VP candidate is made by the LNC. Barr has no say in the issue.

And if that happens, it creates a few dozen ballot access issues, so it would be suicidal for the LP.

Of course, if Barr's goal is to kill the LP, he's doing a good job of it, and that would ice the cake...

that is so ridiculous

if he was going to go that 3rd Party route, wouldn't he be at the top of the ticket!?!?
More reason the Barr campaign is laughable and proving to be a completely "controlled opposition" movement.


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No and here is why you can't go third party

Because Ballot Access is by the top of the Ticket in most states, some have both the President and VP. There is no time to gain ballot access for the Top of the Ticket.

For instance in Texas, Barr is the only one that can lead the ballot. He could not be replaced by Dr. Paul its too late according to Texas Law, but the VP could be replaced.

I think Dr. Paul should do it

What's funny about Root is

What's funny about Root is you'd think someone who touts themselves as "the king of Vegas" could bring more money into his own campaign.