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Bob Barr: a Neocon pile of shit left on the doorstep of the pro-liberty movement

which too many well-meaning fellow patriots managed to step into, to the detriment of us all.

And "RonBarr' is the annoying fly buzzing around this statist turdpile in glee.

Both of them can go to Hell.

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Here here

Couldn't agree with you more. The truth has a way of rising above the noise from the neocon Barr plants.

It's Boob Barr

come on people get it right! lol


First Prize - For best analysis of the Barr Presidential Campaign. LOL

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Join PyraBang the peoples search engine.


sending people to hell does not seem very libertarian to me. Liberty entails also understanding the liberty of others of another opinion than yourself. Calling Barr is neocons is very unfounded and emotional.


Is it unfounded and emotional to call for Bob Barr to be impaled?

Totally "founded"

andf totally deserved. They are traitors, and if both of them were found to be dead one hour from now, I would not shed one tear.

Here! Here! to "founded"....

......especially since it's now being reported that BARR lied and said he never was supposed to be at Paul's press conference....
his sliminess just builds and builds....

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