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Someone asked why there aren't a dozen of these posts, and I agree. Here is one.

I will be seeking remedy for the disenfranchisement of 24% of Idaho's voters. I was sent there with a sacred trust, the ability to perfomr my duty was stripped from me against my will. Does Ron Paul or Lew Moore or the C4L approve? I do not know, I do not care.
I have contacted every member of Idaho's delegation and asked them to search their hearts and consider how satisfied they are with what happened. They may snub me, they may find they are a little disgusted, too, when they think about it. I don't care, I TRUST MY OWN MORAL COMPASS to tell me which path is the correct one to follow.

What "WE" need to do is atand in the face of tyranny at every turn. What battle is in YOUR hometown? Are the "Code Pink" ladies protesting the war, but you hate them because they are Democrats? Get a GRIP, realize we are ALL victims of lies and they are GOOD people who fell for a DIFFERENT lie than we did. GO STAND WITH THEM AGAINST THE WAR. It is the MESSAGE, not the people, remember? Is the ACLU out fighting the bank bail out? Go help them. Is there a war vet with a "will work for food" sign out? Go get a youtube video of him, and give him a meal and twenty bucks for his efforts.

Or are you asking "who should we vote for?" If that isyour question, excuse my crude and frank question, but what f*cking rock have you been hiding under? There will be NO ELECTIONS in November, there will be a dog and pony show to entertain the public. STOP PRETENDING THERE WILL BE AN ELECTION. Start telling the voters the TRUTH.

Oh, and I believe we all ought to begin NOW telling all our creditors that we will NOT being paying ANY BILLS in November. If we can't have an election, we will just help ourselves to a few spare FRNs. I am willing to bet that idea can unify the voters like no candidate ever could.


OK, there is one. Eleven other people care to offer eleven other ideas?

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OK, did I get a thread deleted?

I wish I were more computer savvy. I started a seperate thread about "Pay no bills in November" because I really think it is our best bet. The do not care about ANYTHING we do, except trade FRNs. They control the media, and will produce and iar the "election show" according to their script. You say we can have a big-ass protest, maybe a Rally that is attended by thousands of people and broadcast on C-Span? It has NO EFFECT. Even when they SHOW Ron Paul now, people "listen" like they listen to the other talking heads: With half an ear, half asleep, and knowing at some level that if it is on TV, it is a lie. And now that he is no threat to the GOP, he is even a cute little mascot for them to trot out.

MONEY. It is ALL they care about. If we continue to fight on every other front except where the battle is, we are fools.

We have to STOP THE FLOW OF MONEY. Even a little bit for one day will be more effective than the last year of "r3volution."

Dear lord the TV is portraying Palin WILDLY popular. And suddenly Chuck Norris wants to talk about immigration and the national debt.
Tolerance for lies exceeded, got to turn off the lie box for a while!

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

Concerning stopping money, I like where your head is at

My suggestion is the same in intent, yet the opposite in action...pay off all debt as soon as possible.

1. If you got in debt, you owe the money. It's immoral not to pay it.

2. You avoid paying a lot of penaties, late fees, and interest. This would substantially stop the flow of money to the banks AND help We the People.

3. We reintroduce the notion that usury practices are evil. The culture of the US used to hate borrowing on moral grounds.

Dave Ramsey has pretty much kept his nose out of the political race; however, his get-out-of-debt-plan seems to be part of a movement to get Americans out from under the thumb of the global usurists.

Our Revolution must include a personal financial empowerment element and a usurist depowerment element. Dave Ramsey's plan has both!

Please, everyone, check out one of his books from the library or listen to his talk shows (TV and radio).

I believe one of the reasons that Dave tries to stay out of politics is that he airs his show on FOX. However, even with that he occasionally takes a big swing at Bush and the GOP. Yesterday, he ranted against how the US just nationalized selling houses. THAT IS A HUGE DEAL AND ALMOST NO ONE SAID ANYTHING ABOUT IT!


If you don't understand what that means, ready Atlas Shrugged.

We must either master money or money will master us!



We can either split off into our specific splintered groups or we can join together for the bigger message of restoring our rights. Times are too serious now for squabbling.
"We will never give up. We will never give in." - Dr. Ron Paul

"We will never give up. We will never give in." - Dr. Ron Paul

There will be a [s]election, but not

an election.


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