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Tony Wall, LP state chairman of Tennessee. “This is absolutely a disgrace to the Libertarian Party and is totally unacceptable.”

I think Mr. Barr done peed in his wheaties.


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Barr ‘embarrasses LP’ by no-show at Ron Paul press event

lol, anyone who voted for this guy....

~shrug~ walks off giggling



Bob Barr is killing your party. Your national committemen need to convene an emergency meeting and formulate a defense strategy against your own candidate gone amuck. In 1998, just weeks before the general election, the Alaska Republican Party disavowed its own gubernatorial candidate and backed a write-in candidate instead, due to the bad name the candidate was giving the party. The candidate remained on the ballot as the Republican, but the party organization withdrew its endorsement and pushed a rival candidate as a write in. The LP could do the same as a matter of standing on its principles.

Bob Barr is turning the LP into a "RENT A PARTY", where anyone with enough name recognition can come in and steal the nomination, just for the opportunity to finally break that 0.5% vote total that seems to cap the LP each election cycle.


Good read...

....comments section was interesting, as well....bump...

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