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Pay NO BILLS in November

It is about MONEY - have we not learned this yet? The election is a scam, has been for years. They do not count the votes, they count MONEY.

Tell your neighbors about the election BS, it is NOT hard to convince people not to vote. I am willing to bet getting them to NOT PAY BILLS for one month as a protest will be an easy sell, too.

I truly believe it is THE form of civil disobedience that would get the attention of the power elite. The do not care who has the presidency, by their own admission, remember?

SHOW THEM THE MONEY - or the absence of it!

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That Idea in this economy

shouldn't be a problem for most of us any way. How about a massive strike on ALL spending, don't buy anything,no trading,for a month and see what happens. what do you think?

I figure the same...

if banks & Sallies & Fannies get to default (or bail) then why shouldn't we?

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica