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*This is how we will be noticed*

As already reported, Ron Paul has been put on the ballot in Montana, as well as Lousiana. Both of these states are loyally Republican. In the Montana caucus, Ron Paul pulled 25%. And, as we know, people in that region are very libertarian at heart. They want their land and their guns, and thats it. People there are probably open to Ron Paul's message.

In Lousiana: we know there was a scuffle within the GOP of that state, but it can be safely determined that Ron Paul a pretty fair support base there.

I foresee this: if we in the Ron Paul revolution, while support our own candidates in our own states (McKinney, Baldwin, Nader, Barr), but can help fund the entirely grassroots campaigns in those states, we can make something happen. If we send our old RP signs, stickers, slim jims, DVDs, money, money, money....and held those loyal Paulites in Montana and Louisiana pull away votes for Ron Paul (not an impossible thing) away from McCain. If this happens, then two red states will have shifted because of our candidate, to Obama, and the political pundits will explode in their pants.

I think its possible. Even if you dont agree with Obama, or admit that Obama presidency would be a little better than McCain presidency, you can still feel that Ron Paul polling high enough to steal from McCain (trust me, he wont be campaigning there at all, its wrapped up in his eyes) then we can make news! I've heard political scientists discussing it already. Plus, Barr and Baldwin will be pulling from McCain. Destroy the Republican Party to the point where the finger of blame can only be pointed one way: at us! And our voices will be heard!!

Anyone from these two states? Any ideas?

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Interesting take...although....

I have no delusions that would point to either candidate as being "a little better" than the other as either is a further detriment to the country that our forefathers instituted. The only thing that is different is the hyperbole that surrounds each and his platform. With the succession of another Repulicrat to the Presidency of the United States, we will see the same thing that we have seen for 50 years and the trajectory will move forward unchanged.

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Shawn4Liberty has made his

Shawn4Liberty has made his address available for folks to send all their leftover campaign materials to. He posts here at the DP....look for the first "Ron Paul on the ballot for the CP in Montana" post.

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