Ron Paul on MSNBC's Tucker on the Money Bomb

This is an amazing, amazing interview - just the kind I like. Tucker gives Dr. Paul plenty of time and room just to talk. Wow. Thank you to 1sageee for uploading it.

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Success of the Laissez-faire campaign.


Great interview. Please

Great interview. Please share this with those who say Paul is a "radical" due to the Guy Fawkes thing. I've tried to explain to people that not only was the date selected by people outside the campaign, but that there is very little if any real love for Fawkes among those who chose it. It's just a neat gimmick with a catchy slogan, and it worked wonders.


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I love this

I love this. It is apparent that he is taking everyone by surprise and he is enjoying it. You mean there are people out there who genuinely love and respect Ron Paul and are not getting anything out of it from him? Wow. What a concept! And someone initiates doing something amazing and Ron Paul doesn't even know him? What a concept! Trevor wasn't bought, he just did it because of his passion for the message? What a concept!

I really did appreciate the opportunity Tucker gave him to communicate this.

Healthnuttie for Ron Paul


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Im marching in that video!

Thats so incredibly cool. Im so pumped. You can hear me chanting freedom at like 1:30 or so. =D

Tucker on Paul

"in the interview with that wanker Joel Stein he almost seemed to mock him. I can't figure Tucker out."

Tucker works for MSNBC, and MSNBC is a MSM outlet which does not support Ron Paul. It seems clear that he gets pressure not to be too pro-Paul. So what he does is actually quite clever. He rephrases and redirects his questions to most guests with which he discusses RP to place the onus on them. If they are supportive, he questions their support as if himself a doubter, using his demeanor to see what they really think and to expose viewers to RP's positions. (See his appearance on Real Time) If they are demeaning, he is cynically dismissive. Essentially he lets them sink or swim on their own, while maintaining an outward "Gee, golly, really?" attitude. This is similar to what he does when asking Ron Paul questions he already knows the answers to.

Watch that interview with Joel Stein again, especially toward the end. Tucker seems to be trying to cover his disdain for Stein with laughter and specious agreement. It's a "wink wink" kind of thing. I think even Stein realized it at the very end.

can someone post the youtube

can someone post the youtube link to the video so I can watch this on my iPhone? Thanks

i second that. please youtube tucker bit. thx

all the best.

ron paul for president &
Jesus Christ, come soon.

This is the interview I will

This is the interview I will send any person I want to introduce to Ron Paul. Best $100 I have ever spent. Ever!


Trevor didn't do this by himself

Trevor deserves a lot of credit for starting this idea, but many, many others worked to spread this idea across the internet. I first learned about it on youtube and then I ran into more and more videos being made promoting this idea. Then I saw it promoted on blogs and on comments to news articles. I didn't even know there was a website to sign up and pledge until Thursday of last week. Then when I tried to sign up, it wouldn't let me. This was something that spread virally across the net like all good ideas seem to do. I promoted the 5th myself in comments on youtube and news articles, because I just thought it was a great idea. This was not coordinated by Trevor. You can't coordinate a wildfire.

True 'nuff.

True 'nuff. He lit the match in the metaphorical room full of gunpowder though.


Tucker seems to like RP, said he voted for him in '88, but in the interview with that wanker Joel Stein he almost seemed to mock him. I can't figure Tucker out. Anyway, I wouldn't want a friend like him....

Why is RP such a mystery? Is honesty and integrity that much an enigma in modern America today?????

Honesty and Integrity

Is honesty and integrity that much (of) an enigma in modern America today?

Honesty can be found occasionally; integrity less so. The system has been corrupted for a long, long time. Good that we have Dr. Paul running, if only to serve as a model for "what should be." Of course I hope he wins!

This is Tucker I like

not that one from friday (?) or thursday with guy from TIME..

Very nice but ..

I see allot of MSM spreading lies while reporting his success. Where has it been said loudly HE is this only candidate with a plan to SAVE social security for the hundreds of millions of dependent VOTERS ?! Nice to see another good interview but I just see too many erroneous quotes of him kicking all senior citizens to the street corner. Just my 2 cents, sorry if it seems off topic but I just see this as an important issue.

Truly an incredible

Truly an incredible interview. I especially loved Turcker's reaction to Ron saying he didn't know the organizer of the "Bunker Buster" money bomb.

Trevor's idea clearly was a MAJOR bump...

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I'd say..

....that Ron Paul owes Trevor a private visit!

I remember how I felt when I raised just under 30K at the very beginning....Trevor should be proud of himself.

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Trevor may have just made Dr. Paul the President.

The amount of news today is incredible. I have tried to read it all, but I can't. I have seen articles from places I have never heard of, and heard positive commentary for the first time in the MSM.

Trevor has allowed the roar of the Ron Paul Nation to be heard.
The Sheep always respond to a roar.

"Resistance need not be violent, but the civil disobedience that might be required involves confrontation with the state and invites possible imprisonment." - Ron Paul

That's really cool to think

That's really cool to think about.

Some guy named Trevor and my favorite movie made Ron Paul President.