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Debates and Debate access is what Ron Paul has commanded us to do.

Ron Paul has worked his magic again. Getting 4 candidates and parties to agree to 4 very important platform points.

This was an awesome example of political expertise.

It does not matter whom any one of us votes for or endorses.

We are the remnant of 1.2 million people who voted for Dr. Paul.

What Dr. Paul is talking about is getting the rest of America on board with looking at the real issues and real candidates.

If we could get the Rep/Dem debates opened up to 3rd party candidates, then any one of the 3rd party candidates could clean house with the 4 platform points that they all agreed to.

The point of this is to get 30 or 40 million people involved in a true contest, not just divide the 1.2 million people amongst the 3 or 4 3rd party candidates.

We must scream at the top of our lungs to the Republicans/Democrats/MSM and American people, that the debates should include all candidates that Ron Paul endorsed.

If the Democrats and Republicans refuse, then they may get negative media coverage and we could still hype a 3rd party debate on the "real issues".

This is not as good in my opinion as Ron Paul himself running 3rd party, but this is what we got.

I have put my faith in Dr. Paul and so far, at every turn, his judgement always surpassed my unrealistic expectations.

Dr. Paul has said it, and this is what we must do.

Hype Debate Access.

Hype the Campaign for Liberty.

Never stop fighting.

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some info

The Commission on Presidential Debates stands between us and debate access:

The Commission also released the 2008 Candidate Selection Criteria which will be used to determine who is invited to participate in the general election debates. In addition to being constitutionally eligible, candidates must appear on a sufficient number of state ballots to have a mathematical chance of winning a majority vote of the electoral college, and have 15% support in national polls before the debates.

Can we hammer them,

with e-mails, letters?

so far all I can find is

this phone number:

For more information on debates, contact the CPD at (202) 872-1020.

which is currently busy


just got through

spoke with a man. asked him who exactly determines the criteria for candidate participation in the debates, who gave them this authority, and if they were an elected official. He said he couldn't give me any quotes but that if he took my information a very busy woman might respond to my inquiries.

you could tell he knew he sucked for working for the commission that denies us free and fair elections.


"What Dr. Paul is talking about is getting the REST OF AMERICA on board with looking at the real issues and real candidates."
"The point of this is to get 30 or 40 million people involved in a true contest, not just divide the 1.2 million people amongst the 3 or 4 3rd party candidates."
Also great.

Remember the 37 Mio. (just 1 Mio less watching Obama's DNC speech) watching VP-candidate Palin's RNC-speech - people interested in politics but DISSATISFIED with Obama and McCain.


so check out my post

and the largely ignored info about exactly what the fight entails:


Thank You HenryWilliamson,

I just bumped your post, I would have sooner but I just got home from work.

That really seemed to be the point of todays conference

Good post!


Well, that along with the

Well, that along with the indirect fact of Bob Barr showing his true colors to our revolution.


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