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Ron Paul and Ralph Nader appearing TOGETHER on CNN Now

I hope Paul makes it clear that his philosophy is profoundly different than Nader's.

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same core stance, different arenas

exposing unjustified concentrations of power taking advantage of the citizens...perhaps differing approaches, but Ralph Nader was smellin' the rats 40 years ago. Nader supporters are now looking at Ron Paul...this cannot be bad in the long run. All hands on deck are needed to end the 2 party system someday.

A wolf in Wolf's clothing

Blitzer is a shill of the corporate elite that run his little propaganda network! How dare he sit there and tell people who can win and who can't! We need to get some serious cash to Nader and make Wolf look like the clown that he is. Down with NWO and up with the people! We are just getting this Revolution started. Let's not give up like all the movements before us! Don't quit and stay organized. Peace

I love Ron Paul

he said (ON CNN!) that the debates are just a charade!

That they have glib debates about nothing but agree on everything....

Then after the interview they previewed a story about McCain's people complaining about Obama insulting Palin....LOL!

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While everyone is at work

doing other things. Sure won't make the prime time evening news :-(

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You tube link??

is it over? what time was it at?

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

I think it makes one heck

of a statement, when 2 men, Mr. Conservative and Mr. Liberal can sit next to each other and agree on the fundamental problems of the U.S. Govt.

I am a conservative and would never vote for Nader.

I was impressed.

Blitzer said they'll get to the bottom

of the 4 issues in the "We" agreement.... I'm not holding my breath.

I saw the DP screenshot and got a little nervous cause of all the foul language today, but it was clean.

"I killed the banks"

tamtamfreedom's picture

This was superb!

Ron Paul is my hero. I like it when he gets fired up.

"I don't do that" to the lesser of 2 evils question

Yeah, baby. That is my guy!
And bless Ralph Nader - he replied "Neither is good enough." See, hanging out with the Dr. rubs off on folks.
Dr. Paul cured my spinal cord sponginess!

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.


and the forums, we all better try to be on our best behaviour, I'm possitive we will be getting alot of New on lookers.

Video link?




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