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'Vote of No Confidence'

For the ones who don't know, Ron Paul had a Press Club announcement this morning, pretty much urging people to vote for 3rd parties. He pretty much said to 'Vote of no confidence'.

I'm taking a political science classes at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania. One of my classes is Politics of Western Europe. Today we learned about the different parts of the Executive Branch, such as President and Prime Ministers. We also talked about how in a Parlimentary System, the parliment can use one thing to remove a sitting Prime Minister. Parliment can use a technic called ' Vote of No Confidence', which is where the parliment would take a vote to see if the parliment still has confidence in which the Prime Minister can still do his/her job.

Now going with Ron Paul's Press Release. Ron Paul is pretty much calling for America itself to a 'Vote of No Confidence' to the Major Parties, by voting for a 3rd party.

So i had an idea if we ran a campaign of 'Vote of No Confidence'. Since we no longer have the confidence that the Republican and Democratic will do their job correctly. I know i can list all the areas that we have lost confidence with them in. But i'm sure you already know them all, such as the Foreign Policy, Privacy, National Debt, Federal Reserve, etc....

Voters voted for Democrats in 2006 believeing that they would End the War, they didn't. They should get the 'Vote of No Confidence'

Voters voted for Republican in 1994 believeing that they would bring smaller government, they didn't. They should get the 'Vote of No Confidence'
Voters voted for Republican in 2000, believeing that there would be a humble foreign policy, smaller government, less taxes, they didn't. They should get a 'Vote of No Confidence'

Vote Third Party to show your 'Vote of No Confidence' with the Republicans and the Democrats. Both the Democrats and Republicans have failed the American People, we the American people need to show the Two major parties, that America does not want there policies anymore. We need to vote all the incumbents out. We need new blood in Washington, we need a new major party to compete with the other two. We need to vote for Third Parties.

In Liberty,

Michael Anderson

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Good, i wish i could vote

Good, i wish i could vote for him... I'm in Pennsylvania, which Chuck Baldwin is not on the ballot. Only Bob Barr and Nadar for 3rd party, and the Republicans are trying to kick Bob Barr off the ballot...

We need to get as many people to vote for 3rd parties, we need to show the Republican and Democrats that they no longer have the Confidence of the American People. We alreay have about 1 million people to vote for 3rd party, we need Multi-Millions. I believe to have a small impact we need at least 5 million people voting for 3rd parties, to have a big impact we need about 20 million voting for 3rd parties, to have a huge impact we need 50 million to vote for 3rd parties.

May not vote third party on all races, but

certainly will for President.

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you are the majority, vote 3rd party



So many people say that

So many people say that voting for a third party, is a wasted vote, that it's a protest vote. So what, we have a right to protest. If enough of us protested against the Republicans and Democrats, they will start to listen to the American People. That is why i believe, voting for a third party is just like a 'Vote of No Confidence' in European Parliments. Voting for a third party will send a message to the media and to the two major parties. We might not win the Presidentency, but we can have a major outcome of ideas.

In 2004, about 100 million people voted in America, Bush got about 50 million, and Kerry got about 49 million votes. Now what would everyone think if this year 120 million people voted, but this time, that extra 20 million voted for 3rd parties. That will send a message that the Democrats and Republicans are losing Confidence in the people. Media will start to ask questions like, With all the new voters, why have they choose not to vote for McCain or Obama.

If there is an huge increase of people voting for a 3rd party candidate, it doesn't really matter which one you vote for. All that matters is that you did not vote for a Republican or a Democrat. It will send a message to the Media and to the 2 major parties, that all these new voters no longer have the Confidence in the Democrats or Republicans that they can fix the country.

How many times have people voted for a Democrat for certain issues, and the Democrats do not follow with there election promises. Lilke Ending the War in Iraq in 2006.

How many times have people voted for a Republican thinking they were going to get smaller government, less taxes, etc.... And the Republican do not follow with their election promises.

We need a change, we need to show them that American no longer has the Confidence in the two major parties. We need to use our option, just like the Parliments have in Europe. We need to have a 'Vote of No Confidence' and really show the Republicans and Democrats that we don't want their lies anymore, that we do not think they can fix the country, that we believe they are no longer the best people to run the country.

It will send a message if enough people voted for 3rd parties.

this is exactly what Ron

this is exactly what Ron wants.... NO CONFIDENCE!

as for me and my home, we shall worship the LORD

Right on Shaka Kahn...



Dale Legan

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The ELECTORS vote for President now, they are already chosen

What is coming up in November is a grand media event. PLEASE begin to spread the word that you demand a do-over, a real election. Everyone has ballot access, everyone gets to debate. OR ELSE - we MUST have a credible threat, and the ONLY thing that would scare them is if we stopped circulating FRNs.
Free and fair elections or NO BILLS get paid in November.
We need this threat to get spread far and wide, ASAP. They need to hear it by rumor, they need to understand we are going to do this, and we need to get every American we know to join us. This is AMERICA versus the MEDIA CONTROL of our elections.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

I'll say it again.

The present political system is going to have a vote in Nov.. I think it is time the people had an election. How in the world do you ever expect to get an honest person elected in the present system that is so corrupted? So, I think it is high time to have an election for the people. I'm sure some of you fine patriots here could work out the finer details.


A Little Guidance

These are strictly advisory, of course, but since I’ve already done the research and analysis, I thought I’d save ya’ll a little effort. In order to carry out Dr Paul’s “marching orders” to maximum effect, and to preserve the possibility (sinking fast though it may be) of a Paul Presidency, I think these are our best bets:

If you live in Oklahoma, you have no choice. Write-in Ron Paul.

If you live in Montana or Louisiana, rejoice! You get to vote for Ron Paul!

If you live in New Hampshire, please vote for George Phillies (the other Libertarian).

If you live in Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Washington, or West Virginia, vote for Chuck Baldwin.

If you live in Arizona, California, The Dakotas, The District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin, or Wyoming, you have my condolences. You’ll need to vote for Cynthia McKinney.

If you live in Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, or Texas, you have my deepest condolences. You’re stuck with Ralph Nader. Sorry.

If you can’t stomach my recommendations, then, if your State permits, I guess you should write in Ron Paul.

This decision is rather painful for me, as it will be the first Presidential election for me (since 1976) in which I will not be voting for the Libertarian. It looks as though the Barr Campaign has burned that bridge, and it likely won’t be rebuilt until at least 2012.

Naturally, depending on State laws and Party rules, State Libertarian, Constitution, or various independent Parties who substitute Ron Paul for their present candidate on State ballots should also win our allegiance.

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Ralph Nader will also appear on the ballet in Missouri. It looks like I'll have to pick from the lessor of five evils as the choices for Missouri will be Nader, McKinney, Barr, McCain and Obama. Barr lost my vote yesterday and it doesn't look like Chuck will be on the ballot. Never thought I'd be voting for Nader but stranger things have happened.

There are only 2 evils. The

There are only 2 evils. The other three signed that statement which shows we should be proud to cast a vote for any one of them over the evil ones. Nader is a patriot. See his recent interview on Glenn Beck (8/27). We can not agree on everything, but agreement on these things is truly enough.

that is very well written

and thought out. i agree with you of course!! WTG





I'm game!

to what ever it takes to get these knuckle heads out of office.bump