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How to chose who to vote for

For the love of all that is holy, STOP PRETENDING THERE IS AN ELECTION COMING UP.

ALL votes are "wasted" if we do not call BULLSHIT. NOW. THIS YEAR.

They do NOT count votes, they count MONEY. We need to get the word FLYING that Americans will NOT PAY ANY BILLS in November unless the ENTIRE ELECTION is a do-over. Everyone gets ballot access, everyone gets in one, big fully televised debate that addresses the friggin ECONOMY and FEDERAL RESERVE and WHATEVER issues the VOTERS want. The media will be hovered over by the goon squads, we can't have all that riot gear go to waste. Any media people caught censoring or spinning or injecting any form of their garbage at all will be tazed on air for all to enjoy.

We are about out of time. PLEASE think about this. I keep putting this up and no one even discusses it. ALL they want from us is to circulate FRNs, THAT is where we can perform an act of civil disobedience that will have real impact.

If we don't have FREE AND FAIR elections, we PAY NO BILLS in November.

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The point Dr. Paul made today.

was not for the 1.2 million Ron Paul voters to choose, it was for the Ron Paul voters to get debate access for the 4 men that he endorse.

Will you fight for Dr. Paul, or just despair and stare into the abyss?

I keep reading your desparate cry!

Let's be clear, are you specifically talking about election/diebold voting machine fraud? Or by electors, what do you mean? While I would agree there is a big problem with election fraud, who or what are electors? Explain it again please?

PyraBang for Liberty

PyraBang for Liberty

The fraud has many facets, but the electors

are the people, usually also delegates, who were chosen after the Primaries to go to the electoral college and cast votes. In my state, there are 4. They are the biggest tools in the party shed, and there is NO CHANCE they will not do exactly as they are told.

The electors are not bound in any way to the popular vote. They SHOULD be our final guard against voter fraud, but it will take us many years to get people far enough up the food chain to hold those spots. To be honest, I doubt there is any way for an honest person to become one.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.