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The most important thing to know about the election coming up

PLEASE remember the electors have been picked, they are party loyal, they will pick the president.

Besides that, the media has WAY too much invested in having their show go on as scheduled. Even if we got a HUGE groundswell of support, they would not report it. We WILL watch the McBama selection. Nothing else will be televised.

Want to get the attention of the power elite? Threaten not to pay your bills in November. If we got a HUGE groundswell of support for that (I think it is easier than campaigning for any candidate!) we could actually get their attention and maybe even force them to give back our election.

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Easier to say than to

Easier to say than to actually do. Don't pay your bills = bad marks on credit = possible higher rates in the future or maybe not qualifying for money when you need it.

How do we get past that obstacle?


Explain the electors again please!!!

PyraBang for Liberty

PyraBang for Liberty

Importan thing about the election...

...is that its NOT an election, its a dog-and-pony show. If you honestly think that the outcome isn't pre-determined, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you.