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Vasquez for Congress: Thank you for a great campaign!

Dear Patriots:

Last night we celebrated a victory. While we may have lost the primary to Jim Buhrmaster, we have succeeded in accomplishing a great victory for furthering our message of responsibility, stopping Congress from looting Social Security, balancing the budget, and following the principles of the Constitution. Even though we lost the primary, we made great strides in the Ron Paul Revolution in the area. Our earlier effort for Ron Paul in the Presidential election earned a 7-8% (10% in some counties), but our congressional race with the same message brought out 31% of the vote. While less people turned out for the Congressional race than presidential primary (11K vs 35K), the physical number of people who voted for us significantly increased.

I called Jim Buhrmaster to congratulate him on his win. While we only raised and spent $15K versus the $175K spent by my opponent (or less than 1/10th), we still received half the votes he did. This shows the strength of the message and the valiant and tireless effort of all of you to donate and volunteer your time for our success and accomplishments.

We can do more with less. Elections can be won with less, as long as the message is true and you follow the principles that makes America great, the Constitution.

People, we not only enduring, we are growing. Truth ultimately will always prevail, its is up to us to stay true to our principles and overcome those who stand in the way.

Everyone rejoice, we are just starting. We will continue to grow our principles of limited government, balanced budgets, and individual freedoms for all with our local Campaign for Liberty organization. We will continue to support local candidates and educate the voters on the principles that make America great.

In the coming weeks, I will let everyone know the next steps on how to stay involved. For now, I have to go to Long Island for the next few days to take care of my parents, as unfortunatey my father just received open heart surgery this Monday. It was successful, and he is recovering well. I want to thank you all for your sentiments.

For freedom,
Steven Vasquez
U.S. Representative Candidate, NY 21st District
Ron Paul Endorsed

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reedr3v's picture

Great work, thank you for your

wonderful and inspiring letter. I hope you'll continue to work for liberty.

Best wishes for your parents too.

Just keep the ball rolling

"Evil flourishes when good men do nothing."
—Edmund Burke

Thanks. We appreciate you!

Thanks. We appreciate you!

Congratulations on the percentage

I am originally from Upstate NY, but now live in central PA. We travel to Mayfield frequently during the summer and I was pleasantly surprised to see the obvious RP presence in Fulton County. Good luck with your future endeavors. I am helping to elect a RP Republican here in Centre Co. I would appreciate any tips you might have.




Congrats! bump

Long live the campaigh for liberty!