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Ron Paul and Ralph Nader on CNN 9/10/08

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Et tu Barrus???


"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul


I watched the interview and found Dr. Paul's comments inspiring. He made many good points about how third party candidates should be given the same access to debates as the Republicrat canddiates are.



Bob you are fired!


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Thanks for posting.

Thanks for posting.

CNN dockered the rpf image...

Just in case you were wondering... :)

Missed opportunity

The way I see this interview, they let Wolf turn the third party concept into a "what's the effect on the race between Obama and McCain" thing too much.

Some questions simply should be answered with a loud "YEAH, I MEAN WHO REALLY CARES???" instead of answering as honest as possible. Another thing is returning some questions to Wolf. "Wolf, you're in this business now for years... doesn't it occur to you that key issues aren't addressed?" Then Wolf can either agree or present a pretty nice target.


Actually, there's also the opportunity to joke about the two-party love that the press has. On a "but you know a third party has no chance", you could of course smile and say "never with the amount of press you're giving, but what if people would see third party candidates more on television???".

- Third party candidates have no chance to win.
- Third party candidates don't get fair publicity.

The more the people start thinking about what's cause and what is effect, the better.


Seeing Ron Paul and Ralph Nader sitting side by side today on national tv was an awesome site, they make a very powerful team and people are going to listen to them.

Loved the phrase

Loved the phrase "Constitutional Safeguards"!

glad i'm not ron....

i'd a fuckin' slapped wolf's face right clear off his head.


It was one of the pages that was brought up in the beginning.


UNITY! Neocons--fear this the most

hahahaha! strength in unity.
the worst nightmare of the banksters/globalists/neocons,etc.

i told you, these global elite are so few, their control apparatus is a house of cards. it is crumbling--ron paul's press release is catastrophic. not at the moment,the here and now, but, it is like a termite eating the house foundations.

evil is evil! ouch! that just hurt the establishment so-much.

the lesser of too evils is not enough for the american people! damn! nader is playing ron pauls game, and they are ruining the party of the establishment. and it is shaking them--so,this is the reason for the "surge" in full spectrum dominance attacks on the liberty movement.

rock-on! wake up! challenge the system! glib debates! oh, my god. hahaha! wolf didnt see that coming. nor his superiors.

Wolf is a putz

who didn't even try to address the answers to the rapid-fire questions he was throwing. For him, it's still all about the First Party candidates.

It seems weird to me to call for a Third Party vote, when we're looking at 6 or more parties in the running...

Yeah, this is one area I

Yeah, this is one area I disagree with Paul and others on. Obama winning is better than McCain. And this is for two reasons. One, it will be a moment of achievement and overcoming for humane and sane people in this country who lament so much the barbaric and corrupt behavior of the current administration and of which McCain is the same. In essence, it will be cathartic for our society. Two, better to have corruption in power than corruption AND cruelty in power. And actually one other very important reason. Obama winning, which will be cathartic, will put people in a dilemma. Obama becoming president will show him for who he really is, especially considering he is all talk. Once it is apparent Obama is as corrupt and idiotic as any other average politician, people will be forced to deal with that and realize their hopes and wishes for a better situation were unjustified. In other words, let people suffer through their delusions. But, again, I will reiterate he's not of the same camp of people like McCain and Cheney and Rove who are of the sadomasochistic camp. And I prefer not having that to having it.

Why not refer to all 3rd party candidates as "2nd Party"?

Since McCain/Obama really just represent one party: the party of the purple cow? - we need to reinforce the idea that we're not talking about a "3rd" party here - we're talking about a 2nd party... that avoids the "3rd party" baggage and helps reinforce the points made in the press release today.

Vote for a 2nd party candidate in 2008!!!


I believe this gives a very strong and simple message!

2nd party!

that's brilliant.... i'm going to try it out tomorrow on the co-workers and report back.

I'm stationed overseas....

I'm stationed overseas and I am registered in the state of California. I will have to vote through absentee ballot. I was looking into voting for Chuck Baldwin, but he's not even listed on the Certified List of Candidates. Only Alan Keyes, Cynthia McKinney, Bob Barr, and Ralph Nader...

I'm split between Ralph Nader and Bob Barr (even though he pulled that ridiculous stunt). Who do yo think is the best out of these two?

Giles, do you have a link?

I'm also overseas and registered in CA.


Lisa C.

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Bob Barr Sucks.

If you would have asked me yesterday who I plan on voting for this November, I would have immediately answered Bob Barr... not anymore. Right now my vote is up for grabs.

I am soo disgusted. I already knew he wasn't being genuine, but he needs to be taught a lesson for this. I don't see what his logic is dissing Ron Paul, after he's spent so much time trying to emulate the good doctor! I mean come on "Liberty For America"... using the same web designer, etc. As much of a Libertarian as I am, I'd rather vote for Nader!!! There's a very hot place waiting for you Mr. Barr... chump.

Once again, Ron Paul exposes another scumbag politician for what he is... bye bye Barr.


I feel your pain

Just my idea of a coordinated optimal impact.

If you live in Oklahoma, you have no choice. Write-in Ron Paul.

If you live in Montana or Louisiana, rejoice! You get to vote for Ron Paul!

If you live in New Hampshire, please vote for George Phillies (the other Libertarian).

If you live in Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Washington, or West Virginia, vote for Chuck Baldwin.

If you live in Arizona, California, The Dakotas, The District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin, or Wyoming, you have my condolences. You’ll need to vote for Cynthia McKinney.

If you live in Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, or Texas, you have my deepest condolences. You’re stuck with Ralph Nader. Sorry.

If you can’t stomach my recommendations, then, if your State permits, I guess you should write in Ron Paul.

This decision is rather painful for me, as it will be the first Presidential election for me (since 1976) in which I will not be voting for the Libertarian. It looks as though the Barr Campaign has burned that bridge, and it likely won’t be rebuilt until at least 2010.

For all our talk of supporting Dr Paul and being strict Constitutionalists, why don’t we read the Constitution and realize that Dr Paul can be elected President without appearing on a single State ballot?

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I just about had a heart

I just about had a heart attack when Ralph mentioned the constitution, just like as if he'd ever heard of it. What twirp, worst part is I'll probably have to vote for him.

Nader has ALWAYS been for

Nader has ALWAYS been for the constitution in the most important ways--he just does not understand the domestic ones too well. He is a champion of liberty, and always has been. He got a very favorable interview 2 weeks ago on Glenn Beck. (which is not easy). A vote for him is not a vote for any sort of "evil"..especially since he agrees on the platform RP provided. ANY of these candidates will work to end the war, the Patriot act and the Federal reserve. I would vote for all three if I could. Bob lost my vote.

We need more debates and discussions.

Long time antiwar activist.
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As I understand it, Nader fought to allow corporations to be sued when they violated personal and property rights of individuals.

Until competition hit the American auto industry, he was the driving force behind bringing us safer vehicles. Competitive forces proved more effective. Point is he fought to protect the people from corporations and he used government to do it.

Dr. Paul is going to the root of the matter. Government often uses its power to create the monopolies by stifling competition.

Nader touted Constitutional safeguards in the Blitzer interview.

We need more debates and discussions.


Remember, we all have different knowledge levels. The thing is, when Ron Paul speaks, you learn something. (what do you hear from most of the rest of them?..lies and propaganda). I do believe that Nader is a good man at heartand I can certainly see Nader's views changing to be more aligned with Ron Paul's. It's natural from being around him. He's a wise man.

Let's Vote Outside the Box!

I am very interested in Frank Moore, independent presidential candidate from California, as an alternative choice. He inspires me! Check out http://www.frankmooreforpresident08.com/

He is a qualified write-in candidate in 24 states:

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island
West Virginia