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I just got. Dear Libertarian Supporter,

I have been hearing a lot from many LP Members about concerns over Bob Barr not attending Ron Paul's press conference.

However, before you form an opinion, perhaps you may want to consider the facts and not rely on blogs for your news.

First, the Barr campaign met with Ron Paul's staffers yesterday afternoon to deliver the offer of the LP's VP slot to Ron Paul and to discuss the details of the event that Bob Barr was invited to attend. More details were to be submitted to the Barr campaign but did not arrive until nearly 3 a.m. the morning of the event. At 9 a.m. Barr's campaign manager, Russell Verney, informed the Paul campaign that Bob would not be attending however he would still give his backing of the four principles highlighted by Dr. Paul.

Second, read the press release by the Barr Campaign you will see why Bob's own press conference (attended by many members of the press) was so significant:

Third, as CNN and others reported, Ron Paul's press conference was more about him not endorsing McCain and less about Dr. Paul's non-sanctioning of other candidates running for president.

The Barr campaign chose not to attend in order to make a very valid point, which was expressed, in their following press conference. Bold leadership is needed right now! Scattering support for the liberty agenda to the four winds as Dr. Paul is proposing will not serve liberty.

Ron Paul deserves respect and credit for what he has done over the last year in rejuvenating so many people across this nation; however, either he or possibly his staff has made the bland decision to remain ambiguous with their intent and direction for liberty.

Personally, I will say that I do not appreciate the treatment that LP personnel received today by Ron Paul's staff and the games they have attempted to play over the past year. This morning, our volunteer coordinator was rudely ejected from the press conference before it even started. This was followed by Ron Paul staffers and supporters close to the staff disrupting Barr's press conference.

This pattern is something that we never wanted to disclose but holds true to previous treatment where staff members for Paul's campaign tried on more than one occasion to have Bob Barr uninvited from events, including Bob's gracious introduction of Ron Paul at last year's CPAC conference.

I do doubt that Dr. Paul was aware of these antics.

I hope this answers some of your concerns and questions. Our staff, volunteers and the Barr/Root campaign are totally psyched up and ready to work very hard for all Libertarians through November and beyond – including ballot access, in as many states as possible, which will benefit all Libertarian Candidates!

We hope you too will continue to support those candidates that support your views, even if just on a local or state level. Please fill out the volunteer form here if you are: http://www.lp.org/action/volunteer.shtml and please do not forget to donate so we can continue to “send a message” between now and November: https://www.lp.org/contribute.

In Liberty!

Robert Kraus
Acting Executive Director

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Don't you guys see???

Barr is actually taking these actions to help the liberty movement. His campaign manager attacking Ron Paul's press conference ensures that most of the Ron Paul movement will coalesce behind Chuck Baldwin. This will keep our vote from splitting. I think Barr is really taking one for the team in this instance and I salute him :)

i would like to hear from a party who actually attended the even

i would like to hear from a third-party what actually went down during those press conferences

Is it about the principles

Is it about the principles or about the man? I think today answered firmly what most people really care about.



I smell...


Too Bad

Is this not exactly the type of thing people feared from a Barr campaign? I have voted LP since 2000, and was set to do so again despite the Barr nomination, since RP will not be on my ballot. I will not be doing so now.

If the LP volunteer

If the LP volunteer coordinator was ejected from Ron Paul's press conference today, I believe the message from Ron Paul is LOUD AND CLEAR.

The Libertarian Party is the one playing games. THEY are unwilling to step outside the bounds of the Libertarian Party... and they talk about LEADERSHIP?

Ron Paul has put political affiliation aside many times in support of the AMERICAN PEOPLE, today is just another example of that.

As for the Libertarian Party, what are they working for? Here's a quote from the email:

"are totally psyched up and ready to work very hard for all Libertarians"

I wonder why they didn't specify working hard for freedom and liberty for all Americans?


we should break it down for the LP and Barr

Bad move. Game over. I just donated money to Baldwin.

We must've been posting at the same time.

I started a thread with a similar title.

They put their party interests,

Ahead of the interests of the American people.

"The Constitution was written not to regulate you in any way, the purpose of the Constitution was to restrain the government." - Ron Paul.

The LP Has Been Desperately Striving For Irrelevancy For Years

And I say this as someone who's voted Libertarian for President (off and on) since 1976. This election year they may have finished the task.

Don't waste time with frauds Obama, McCain, Nader or Barr - join the Campaign For Liberty! http://www.campaignforliberty.com/ The Constitution is more important than voting for the evil of 4 lessers

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

So Mr. Kraus didn't appreciate Ron Paul staffers and supporters

meaning Kokesh, and others in my opinion, calling Barr out on his ignorant behavior today....tuff darts! He calls it disrupting Barr's conference. Kokesh is a true Patriot, always striving to bring the truth to the American people....I could say more, but have posted on this topic repeatedly today...

Barr is done! And he did it to himself!

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