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I guess I'm doing something right, but

I still have mixed feelings. I'll explain.

It's tough enough, as a single parent, bringing up a 5 and 11 yr old.

I'm getting ready to explain to my 11 yr old that he is getting ready to write his teacher a letter for the trouble he caused in school today. There is a disobedience and a defiance issue and I got an earful from his teacher this afternoon.

He disobeyed instructions that were given to him. I took the teachers side with that.

The second issue was he tore up his bar-coded school id. He's in sixth grade. I don't agree with tearing up property, but he's heard me rant about "the national id" and he's read "Restore the Republic" issue on it. I feel guilty because my influence, even though well directed" has got him trouble.

I never imagined this situation. Kinda funny though!
That was yesterday -

Today, I get a call from the school admin. stating he didn't open up his notebook quick enough, so he is suspended. WTF.

Has anyone run into this crap from public schools. It just happened to be two days after I had to go tell the teacher (required), in person, that my 11 yr. old could not sex ed.

Also, last week his teacher found out that we like Ron Paul.

Does it seem appropriate that an 11 yr, old be suspended for such a minor issue and without first having the teacher and parent having a conference about it first?

I wish I had the time to home school. It looks like private school for him. I despise public schools and the bullshit they tell kids about, " if they don't score well on their PACT test (standardized), they won't get new playground equipment.

Any feedback is appreciated.

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Feedback is appreciated


Is there anyone with young children in a public school.


Your kid who is 11 has a school bar-coded ID? Wow, I never had one of those in any school other then college.

Everything has gone high-tech.

You put money on them like a credit card to buy lunch. They also use it to check out books from the library. I have not heard it being used for anything else. It is not the "National ID card".

You could always home school.

Have him smile and nod

...and play along so he doesn't get blackballed, at least until he's 18....But let him know that HE is right and they (and the system) are wrong. Just an opinion from someone who used to buck the system in school. And let him know that you have his back, and that if he ever ends up in jail you'll bust him out. Again, just an opinion. Good luck with your Patriot.

"I killed the banks"

It sounds to me as though

It sounds to me as though you are raising a patriot. And we all know that patriots, real patriots, do not always fit into the norm nor fall into line when given the order. Questioning authority is a patriotic thing to do.

I believe you have good reason to be proud, but I also understand the predicament that this situation puts you and your son in.


I love your kid.

Better to have him in trouble for tearing up his ID card than become a lost sheep.


Lisa C.

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Role Model Needed

At this point in his life he really needs a father, or a father figure. Any chance of him having a male role model?

I am a

father (male)


Sorry for the misunderstanding.

No Problem!

I just just don't advertise I'm a Dad. It seems to be a problem for some people, for some reason.

Hats off to ya! I really

Hats off to ya! I really look up to men who decide to be there for their kids, I don't see why someone should have a problem with that!