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Petition for Bob Barr to step down

I'm sure there are people on both sides of the argument here, but I believe that Barr sabotaged the best opportunity the LP had to gain ballot access in the future, and for that reason, several of us over at Ron Paul Forums have put this together.

Please sign and promote if you agree: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/RemoveBobBar/

I had every intention of voting for Barr until today. I'm disgusted.

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It's pretty hard

for him to "step down", when he's already about as low as it gets.



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Bump, too.:)

He Wants To Be The Lone Ranger

let him....
his manager said that RP is letting the Revolution fizzle
(loose paraphrase)

Barr never was part of this Movement - he was always lurking around
trying to use Dr Paul and try to get support ....

CHUCK the 2 party system BALDWIN 08

Baldwin the only one running now - who campaigned and supported
and still supports Ron Paul

thinking through party mentality

it would have been a huge hurt for the LP to throw their candidates 'in with the other kooks' as far as their public image is concerned. distancing himself from the movement and trying to appear as mainstream and similar to the big 2 parties that exist today is the overall goal in mind i dont doubt. I for one am not surprised Barr didnt show up.

listen to the coverage so far of what ron is trying to achieve. i think he misspoke a few times (something about taking votes away specifically from obama) but i think his overall goal was very clear. it was meant to be a shock announcement to appeal directly to the people to make them realize that OTHER CHOICES EXIST because believe it or not, most americans DONT realize that is the case. He has to be very careful here not to specifically endorse any of these candidates to keep credibility on multiple fronts here, first and foremost his credibility as the figurehead of the liberty movement that he's now established, and also not to spoil his republican name with congressional voters in his district. He knows that no matter how you look at it, the candidates, even the alternative candidates, are no shining stars of constitutional ideology, and unless they were a carbon copy of himself on all issues, they dont stand a chance for his endorsement. In addition to that, he got the other alternative candidates to make it a stressing point to make sure with all of their power that they talk about 'the big 4' issues and sort of set a basic criteria list by which to campaign on.

while the LP can listen to all these things, appearing with those other candidates does have a diluting influence on a lot of people's mind, and i think the LP are well aware of the extreme uphill battle they have to face to make their platform and candidate credible to the general (retarded) public.

(im still not voting barr btw)

That's silly.

He agreed to the principles that the other candidates agreed to. He just wasn't present in the room. That's nothing. You're blowing it out of proportion.

"Just like Alex Jones will do; he'll try to put words in my mouth... You try to put words in my mouth too, just like Alex Jones does." - Ron Paul http://www.youtube.com/watc

"Just like Alex Jones will do; he'll try to put words in my mouth... You try to put words in my mouth too, just like Alex Jones does." - http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2370864598223573012&...

Like I said, I know there are other opinions

But this move has single-handedly lost Barr and the LP so much support, all due to his ego. It's not just that he wasn't in the room, it was his sabotaging Paul's conference, it was him making an extremely poor decision, it's also what his field director wrote in his blog: http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?t=154504

Truly hostile towards Paul.


...at least stop copy/pasting your comments...

truth liberate

He blew it ron..plain and

He blew it ron..plain and simple..his ego and desire for power swayed him. I know you will never feel like I do, and your bulldog defense of him is admirable, but I really think these sort of posts would be better argued somewhere besides DP, where you have no chance of winning over our feelings, either.



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Ahh... Thank you!

I don't think I can sign it 'cause I'm norwegian, but - BUMP!!!

truth liberate

Thanks, amy

I'll bump this for you.

Candid photo of Bob Barr follows

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