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How to exercise your constitutional rights during encounters with police

Friends, I have been stopped on the road many times by Police. At first, I
always signed the ticket, called the Officer "sir," and did exactly what I was
told to do. I didn't know the Law, and always assumed that the Officer did. Big
mistake. Police do not know Law, they enforce Law. A police Officer who pulls
you over is not doing that because you have committed a Crime, no....you have
committed an Infraction. You are not a Criminal, and it is illegal for the
police to make you into one, but they trick you into giving up your 4th.
Amendment Rights. Watch the following film, and decide just how you would handle
this scenerio. Three kids with a bag of pot, on their way to a concert, get
stopped for speeding. The Officer wants to search the car. How would you react?
Through the years, I have successfully navigated through many speed cops. I
learned that your Rights do not just disappear when an Office threatens you
with action of some sort. Like calling in the drug dogs. Frightful, huh? Well,
that Officer does not have the right to search you, or your can without your
express consent, that is, you have to give up your right to keep silent, and
give up your right not to be unlawfully searched.