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Ron Paul's Battle Strategy, and the hardening of the Patriot r3volution movement

I am sure that if Bob Barr was at the interview with Wolf Blitzer, Paul and Nader. (and I read a release from Barr's staff, and can understand why he could not attend)

But, I'm sure that if Bob Barr was there, that Ron Paul would have, after making the remarks about Nader, would have then turned to Bob and said, and I want to get Bob as many votes as I can to take them away from McCain.

Please Stop, attacking the other 3rd party's candidates. You can disagree with them yes, but remember, they are not happy with the two so called major parties either! That is what McCain and the media would like us to do.

It would be better to be Nice.

Also for those who want Ron Paul to run as Bob Barr's VP, please remember, Ron Paul will be the one taking votes away from McCain, as his name is on the Ballot in Montana, and maybe others.

It is up to us, we need to cause the media to force debates on McCain and Obama. Also it was brilliant that Ron Paul could get all 4 parties to come to an agreement on 4 major issues. Let's write letters to the editor talking about the four issue challenge!

The media is feeling the heat, and so is congress. Congress voted to not allow Mexican truck drivers to drive on US roads. The media has been here and has been monitoring all that we say.

They know we are angry. Have you noticed today that our online guest numbers were up over 500. We have not seen these numbers since before the primaries.

The Convention, ours, ours has put them on notice. The world has been watching. One can almost smell, the unrest in this country, the tension is becoming as thick as a hot summers night.

McCain knows that he and the RNC have pissed off several million Ron Paul, supporters... They just don't get it! we don't believe the lies! we won't take the snubs! we don't want charades!

What we do want is real debates on real issues! No more wars, No more IRS! No more police state! Freedom of our paychecks! A return to the rule of law!

The freedom to have peaceful protest without some, out of control, trigger happy cop who's had a bad day, doing his and their very best to provoke into violence, peaceful protesters using pepper spray and teargas, and still the media remains silent.

What irritates them, is that they have tried to heckle, ridicule and insult a powerful movement, who elevated One Man with a message!

Ron Paul; and he alone, echos the sentiments and turmoil churning inside the heart of the patriots and the self perpetuating patriot movement!

We are winning because they cannot compete on our turf, the Internet!


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436 guests online

right now, at 10:14pm Eastern Time

They're watching us.

right and I hope they stay online

I hope they stay online, many people are back, vacations are also over!



for the positive comments and the Montana shout

We the People are the government

Go Montana

Shawn, Montana is a very bright beacon in the light of liberty. Write those letters!


good post, Daryl

Thanks. When the emotions re: Barr die down, people will need something productive to do, and you're on the money about what that should be, on a national level. Locally, we all should be establishing ourselves with our neighbors, becoming trusted info-sources as well as helpful hands in local events and issues, and simply getting to know those around us and letting them get to know us. That's our path ahead.

Join the Team! campaignforliberty.com

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

This week

This week we should write letters to the Editor, explaining that it was Ron Paul, who predicted five years to the day, the take over of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae..


You Can Tell They Are Taking Notice of Us

How many times lately have we heard our own words sprinkled in their retoric? We are sending a message and they are getting it now it needs to go to the rest of the public!!!

PyraBang for Liberty

PyraBang for Liberty

This has been

This has been one of the most, predictable, unpredictable Presidential campaigns in the history of Presidential elections.

Who has ever seen this kind of don't even know what to call it, except that Charlton Heston called it something without a name!



Bob Who???

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~