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*Florida Outlaws hand recounting of ballots?!

just came across this little video

youtube link here

i understand its from faux news and they put the spin of 'dont worry itll be ok' on the story at the end, but this is quite staggering, unprecedented news if true. any floridians have any insight?

*editing out some jeb bashing, no longer applicable*.

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I think I remember....

...there being issues with the machines during the primaries. I am almost certain Charlie Crist said that Florida wasn't going to be using machines this election. If now they are saying all machines, then this is a seriously interesting turn of events...

ill look for more info on that.

Well, of course they

Well, of course they did.

How would anyone be able to rig some of the elections if the ballots are actually counted by people ;-)


Brother Jeb is Long Gone

Charlie Crist is Governor of Florida.

right i caught that after i

right i caught that after i posted. will edit

Yes, the election process

Yes, the election process and the right to vote, which we all cherish, and the integrity of the blah, blah, blah....

"The fix" is on its way....again

"I killed the banks"


thats pretty bad, just in case they need to do that, they won't be able to! I live in manatee co, Floirda and by the way, Crist not Jeb is our governor and a lot of people even Democrats like him even though he is a Republican.

This needs put on digg....

.......I, for one, am sick and tired of telling the PTB that WE THE PEOPLE want paper ballots ONLY, hand counted! There are so many articles out there about voter fraud...this new revamped system they propose in this video does not inspire my confidence..

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digg it:


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