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Three Major eathquakes in the last 24 hours! 6.6, 7.0, 6.1 magnitudes

Anyone think this has something to do with the atom smashing super colloider that was started up today in Europe?

**Correction** caught wrong article about the indonesian quake. My apologies.




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Here's one from this morning that I missed. 6.6 on the Mid Atlantic ridge. 9:08 a.m. Eastern.


you have to be kidding ?

really ?

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It is the first thing that came to mind when I read your title. Of course, they would denounce the Hadron Collider has anything to do with it, if in fact it did. To think it would be too conspiratorial. Besides they say they aren't running it full steam ahead at this point.

BTW, there's a pretty good movie on youtube listed as "Project Flashlight-Hyperdimensional Population Control" you might like if you have the time. It is about 10 parts, but I thought it was interesting for a sci-fi flick. Here's the link >>>



yes this is gonna be a bumpy night

i hope we are stil here in the morning .

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thanks for correcting this

but people still don't see the coincidence here ?

this is like the twilight zone.

this is a troll fest below me, or should I say blow me !

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geez man, it has nothing to

geez man, it has nothing to do with the LHC. They aren't even smashing atoms with it yet.

2007 !!

Didn't you see the post I left earlier? The two big earthquakes were from the 2007 news archive. They happened a year ago!

NO, as all they are doing is

NO, as all they are doing is shooting protons in circles. They haven't smashed them into one another yet.

I think it has to do

with the brilliance of Ron Paul
the universe can't handle it!

I like your theory...lol

...but, seriously, that machine does creep me out...even the looks of it...

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I sincerely doubt it

All they are doing right now is firing protons in one direction and tuning and testing the magnets. There is absolutely nothing new about this, they have been doing this for decades.

It is the firing of protons in opposite directions that people are having issues with, because it is the collision speed that is possible with this new device that they are worried about.

It really shouldn't be a thing to be feared. It's going to produce a level of understanding in particle physics. We fear what we don't understand, and if Steven Hawking does not fear this device, it's pretty telling. Theoretically, you could produce a small black hole with this device, but it would last a billion billionth of a second and would collapse immediately.

Don't worry about this thing, be hopeful for what they might be able to discover using it.

no, I doubt it has anything

no, I doubt it has anything to do with that because they haven't even started smashing atoms yet. They've only turned the machine on.

Anyways, if that machine was a threat and ends up destroying the world, I'm not going to worry about it, because there's nothing I can do about it, and I'd probably be dead before I even noticed.

Although, maybe I don't have a deep enough appreciation for science, but I have to ask, what is it that they are going to learn from this that is so important? What use will it have? If none, then why take the risk of performing an experiment that could have dangerous effects?

What are they going to learn?

They stand to learn a whole lot. They plan to further test the relationship between matter and energy, they plan to test hypotheses about what structures make up matter and what gives them mass.

It's an amazing wealth of information they can discover by hitting particles together at the speed that this collider allows, none of which will be immediately interesting to anyone besides particle physicists, but the discoveries they can make may pay very large returns down the road.

Understanding the relationsihp between the subatomic particle and gravity is the first step to possibly manipulating gravity.

They also plan to try and generate dark matter, just to further describe what the universe is made of.

There are no dangerous effects to this collider. They aren't firing enough mass to cause a problem, because even a complete annihilation generated by a few hundred protons isn't going to produce enough energy to endanger the scientists working on the ring.

A catastrophe in the collider would be damaging the machine, but don't buy this stuff about generating massive black holes. You need the mass of quadrillions of Earths to support a black hole that's stable, and they aren't going to generate that.

For the uninformed, the LHC

For the uninformed, the LHC only had a test run of 1 of the pieces of the supercollider. The second "half" has not even been run yet.

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Make that five.


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oh man this is not good


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Only a test

They only tested the super collider today, not atoms were smashed at all.


Read more carefully. The CNN link is from A YEAR AGO

I didn't check the others.


Thanks for the correction. I didnt catch that.

George at Urban Survival

..is gonna be crowing about this tomorrow.

It is quite an interesting

It is quite an interesting coincidence that this all happens on the same day they started using the Large Hadron Collider.



this is not cool at all , I've been having wierd feelings about this all day. I don't know how many of you here believe in premonitions but mine have almost always been right and this haldron thing scared the shit out of me a couple days ago.

I had to go puke and then I couldn't sleep all night.

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The same type of reasoning that gets you to an ...

"inside job" theory.

Very interesting.


The WSJ recently reported

The WSJ recently reported some very interesting information on that exact topic.


Atom smasher? No.

Bob Barr selling out the revolution? yes.

Candid photo of Bob Barr follows

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oh shit

this is not good !!!!!!!!! I knew they should not be messing with that thing.

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All day today

I've been feeling a "really bad " energy , like a premonition and didn't know what it was.

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wow, me too! I'm serious

could it be atom smasher power?