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Holding our own election

It's tempting to demand that Dr. Paul endorse someone, but I understand why he will not do that. Simply throwing out an endorsement of someone would give his supporters an excuse to stop thinking for themselves, and it was his supporters' ability to think for themselves that brought them to Ron Paul. It was our creativity and independence that allowed this movement to develop and grow. One day, we will have our candidate.

Until then, we will focus our energies on exposing a flawed and corrupt system and convince others to join our cause.

Dr. Paul suggested several ways of doing that in his statement today. But one suggestion in particular REALLY stood out for me:

"The non-voters need to hold their own “election” by starting a “League of Non-voters” and explain their principled reasons for opting out of this charade of the presidential elective process. They just might get a bigger membership than anyone would guess."


We could lead such an effort using our revamped Precinct Leader program (maybe not in time for the 2008 election...but 2010? 2012 and beyond?)

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Let's do it


Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

"league of non-voters"...Now

"league of non-voters"...Now that is an original idea...I really like it, and think something of that nature could actually be crazy enough to work....

Glad Ron Paul thinks so too!!!

I wrote this as a Forum Topic in DP a week ago . . .

"Can we keep the renegade spirit alive and have our own election? Whether we write-in, or abstain from this election cycle, or vote for Obama or McCain (in the spirit of "we WOULD have voted for Ron IF he had been on the ballot) we can go on-line election day (Campaign for Liberty Site?) and vote for Dr. Paul. What would be REALLY amazing? If Ron Paul came away from our election with MORE votes than McCain or Obama. Thoughts?"

Didn't get much reaction at the time however . . .