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Lose your house, lose your vote!

Michigan Republicans plan to foreclose African American voters!

This makes me sick! I wonder if other States are going to jump on the wagon with this one. And how many homes are currently in foreclosure across the US?

"The chairman of the Republican Party in Macomb County Michigan, a key swing county in a key swing state, is planning to use a list of foreclosed homes to block people from voting in the upcoming election as part of the state GOP’s effort to challenge some voters on Election Day."

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Re: Lose your house, lose your vote!

The victory was widely-viewed as critical for the Romney campaign, as a loss in Michigan, where his father was governor, would have resulted in a loss of momentum after two losses already in New Hampshire and Iowa. A recession is never fun, and the doom, gloom, and general air of degradation and decay. It seems that there isn’t ever any good news, at least during this recession. No one can get the smallest of personal loans for the most basic of expenses, the world's biggest car makers are going to go kaput, and then – and they really didn't have to do this – worldwide panic about the swine flu. The swine flu has been responsible for less than 100 deaths; an outbreak of the sniffles. (The garden variety seasonal flu kills up to 500,000 a year.) A lot of people would rack up the credit card bills to hear some good news during the recession.

I am sorry but you are very

I am sorry but you are very subjective in your post, I cannot bring a relevant comment this way. It's true, we are facing a mortgage crisis, we are facing foreclosures and the last thing we need right now is point and blame each other.
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my names hergenc:) I'm sure

my names hergenc:)

I'm sure some people are reading this and thinking to themselves maynet "of course this is what Scott is going to say, that's his job." Well, think what you want, but I was writing about how to take an agile approach several years before joining IBM. In fact, I believe that I'm the first to do so, writing about it in print in my Software Development column back in 2001 and more importantly in my book Agile Modeling: Effective Practices for XP and UP in 2002. And, if you go poking around the web a bit, sohpet you'll see a lot other have written about this too, including Craig Larman, Ivar Jacobson, Bob Martin, Gary Evans, Doug Rosenberg and many more.

my names hergenc:)

You can't even deny voters without identification

much less cancel their voting rights due to lack of having a mortgage loan.

This is distracting BS meant to tick off black people.

Well. No one truly owns their house and land anymore.

In the beginning of the US, only land owners could vote.

One of my theories (that is gaining momentum) is that all the land was bought up by a small group of people. Instead, of millions being pissed off whenever that small group was the only ones that vote (and decide the future for everyone else), it seems more likely that the land-owners created the illusion of democracy where non-land owners seems to have a vote. That way the land owners can truly control the country with no interference from the non-land-owners.

This theory seems to explain a lot: fixed elections, MSM, lack of privacy rights, lack of land ownership rights, etc.

I still think non-land-owners have real voting opportunities at the local level...where it doesn't matter that much.

As I get older, I see that this system is pretty effective and pretty wiser.

Boru, Team Law goes into


Team Law goes into this quite a bit and may help you to understand the significance of land ownership. You should visit their site: http://teamlaw.org/

If you know someone who is

If you know someone who is in foreclosure and the bank that originated the loan has sold it to another investor. The homeowner can easily save their home by filing suit against the foreclosing party on grounds that they haven't the legal authority to foreclose. If the homeowner demands the foreclosing party to produce the original note and mortgage and said party cannot do it, they have no legal claim and cannot sieze the property.

Generally, when a mortgage lender originates a loan for sale to a third party, the originating lender warehouses the note and mortgage. If a party then buys the servicing that is all they have. They generally don't get the original note and mortgage.

Maybe I'm dense

but I don't see the problem. If a house is vacant and a voter uses that address then it's clearly bogus, whether they are black or white, Democrat or Republican. Those using bogus addresses should be barred from voting.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.


You are in favor of profile based foreclosures *for* the purpose of denying select groups of individuals the right to vote? Ok gotcha...


If you know someone in forcloser , close to it, or if you just want to lower your payment, possibly to nothing, have them contact me. Help keep Americans in their homes!


VERY IMPORTANT-- put the letters BF in the subject line. I DO NOT open BS or anything else.

I would give more details here but it would be seen as spamming?