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you tube down?

it seems hyperlinks may be down for the freedom movement youtubes?

or is it just me?

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I thought it was my pc

but I have been having trouble with youtube all morning.
It appears anything non political downloads just fine. Most other - political.. takes forever to download, it takes that long that I cancel it out.


at least all the embedded video on other sites.

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Join PyraBang the peoples search engine.

My votes are not counting,

My votes are not counting, my text comments do not get posted, and when I send a private message to someone, it says the connection with the server is not available.

But I can watch videos.

Any idea what is going on?


11:41pm est

Workin' for me except whats on the home page here at DP.

Over heard - omoma on David Letterman

yep, o'moma's on
update homepage vids will take me to youtube now, just viewing is all that I'm talkin' about.

I cant

get on there either. It has been going on all day. Also i cant get into email or other sites

it was officially down

last night on and off. There was a trouble notice posted. Maybe they are still working it out...

I'm getting the ol' 2 sec. thing again

"I killed the banks"