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Folks From Texas, What's Up with Ike?

Anybody from Texas who hasn't headed for hills and is still reading DP?

How's it going down there?

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Latest Sat Loop


It sure looks like it'll go more northwest to the Texas/Louisiana border. You can turn on the grid with the LatLon box and the projected path with the Trop Pts box. To me, it just looks like it wants to turn north somewhat.

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We'll see in a few days

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The media and government officials seems pretty certain this thing is headed for Brazoria county, TX (Dr. Paul's district). I find it fishy.


There was another article about Brazoria and Ike. I just cant find it at the moment.

I'm sure FEMA is making sure everyone knows THEY are god


The feds just LOVE how everyone begs for their assistance.

Remember, folks...........when the feds get involved in hurricanes/local disasters with financing/policing/"organizing", your freedoms are in severe danger.

But, I'm sure with most of you out there reading this, I'm just preaching to the choir.


Polk County, Florida