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Ok folks, we HAVE to make contact with the sleeping giant that is the part of the population not voting. It might not be enough time for this election but if we can get billboards up around the US with anti-republicrat messages we might be able to sway the vote at some point in the future, or at least force the hand of the 2 party system to open the debates. Here are just some ideas for them.

"Hey Baby Boomers, you aren't going to be getting your Social Security because the Republicrats blew it all on illegal immigrants, foreign aid, corporate bailouts, and wars."

"Wake Up America. The lesser of 2 evils will put us 3.5 TRILLION MORE DOLLARS in debt."

"Don't throw your vote away on the Republicrats. Look where it's gotten us thus far!"

"Tired of being trampled by the elephant because you're a dumb ass? Stop voting Republicrat!"

Save YOUR country! Just Say NO to the Republicrats!

A Republicrat vote is a wasted one!

"Republicrats never learned to share in kindergarten. OPEN THE DEBATES!"

Blame Me. I voted Republicrat!

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I like the wake up America

I like the wake up America one...but maybe we could shorten it to seven words. I'm was a business major, and billboards should be no longer than 7 words...short, sweet, and to the point.

When your driving by you don't have time to read more than seven words...

Wake Up America

The two-party monster wants your 401k

"I killed the banks"