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Ron Paul = Genius :-)

Leaving aside the issue of Bob Barr's harebrained 'no show' at today's press conference, I've really gotta hand it to Dr. Paul for once again demonstrating sound judgment in prioritizing issues and thinking strategically. This event was an attempt to unify the 'fringe' candidates in opposition to the corrupt duopoly that rules American politics. So long as the two major parties retain their prejudicial institutional barriers to competition, it simply doesn't matter who else is running for president. With today's campaign-finance laws, echo-chamber debates, and costly ballot-access requirements that bankrupt most insurgent candidacies before the campaign season even begins, challengers to the status quo don't stand a chance -- regardless of how exemplary the character, principles, and track record of the challenger. We have decades of experience that prove the point, so an exclusive focus on this particular election cycle is ultimately self-defeating.

Dr. Paul recognizes that if we're ever to restore our liberties and Constitutional government through the political process, we have to give 'our' candidates a fighting chance -- and that means repealing the rules that require them to compete with both hands tied behind their backs. By aligning this year's third-party candidates in a public showing against these practices, the Good Doctor hopes to strike a blow for genuine democracy and free elections. And who knows? If the candidates and their supporters can share common ground on this crucial point, rather than sniping at one another over transient minutiae, perhaps it will.

Equally clever was the idea to have the third-party candidates sign a public agreement on matters of foreign policy, civil liberties, the national debt, and the Federal Reserve. The agreement not only highlights Dr. Paul's priorities while illustrating the failings of McBama, it reads like a Cliff's Notes version of the "The Revolution: A Manifesto." Of course, we don't know if the candidates would actually honor their pledge if they found themselves in the Oval Office, and some hold other views that are deeply flawed -- but the statement will bring additional attention to the most urgent issues of our time. For that reason alone, today's press conference was a success.

Kudos, Dr. Paul. Viva la Revolution!

Statement of the Candidates:

Press conference video:

PSSST! Do you think for yourself?:

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Tools for the task at hand

"Now the key is to keep the VotePac principles in the public eye"

Exactly right -- and there's no better time to raise awareness than during a presidential election, when people pay the most attention to socio-political matters.

Here's one suggestion for how to do exactly that, while having a little fun in the process:



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Now the key is to

keep the VotePac principles in the public eye, make them a focus of election discussions and the standard by which policymakers will be judged and be held accountable.
We can promote 3rd party candidate inclusion in debates, write to the newspapers, work on our local levels, support independent media, lots of practical ways to the ball Ron Paul tossed to us in the air.

thank you Bastiat08

right on!

Very well put Bastiat08

Good to see that people are beginning to see the real significance of Ron Paul's masterly move.

I was very puzzled at first, also. But after watching the Paul and Nader video with Wolf Blitzer on CNN it slowly started to dawn on me what this thing really is about.

Exciting!! :)

We need more posts like this every day

"We will never give up. We will never give in." - Dr. Ron Paul

"We will never give up. We will never give in." - Dr. Ron Paul

I agree

great post


Right On!

This is the point exactly. It is strategic. You have to break down the evil empire one fortress at a time. The Two-party monopoly is a huge fortress that needs to be broken down.


"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:5,6


The lip of truth shall be established forever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment...Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are His delight. Prov 12:19,22

More Impotant than "Genius"


You BETCHA! I bet McBama are

You BETCHA! I bet McBama are struggling right now to either come up with non waffling answers to those questions, or telling all their interviewers they can NOT ask them. It is hysterical and I can not WAIT to see what develops in the major parties over this policy alliance of the third parties. CAN NOT WAIT!

Those are ...

... indeed some intriguing figures, JC. I'm curious how they were calculated -- I need to dig in a little further.

Cultivator, the beaver state does have a fair amount of support for RP and his platform, and a number of highly motivated and knowledgeable activists -- but I'm afraid we're quite a ways from declaring Oregon a 'Free State.' ;-)


and it turned out that the status quo only needed to control 16-18% of the population, discourage the other 16-18% into picking the lesser of two evils, and ignore the rest.

this simple math calculation made RPs group realize how fragile the hold of the status quo is--their only apparatus of control was the old manipulated corporate media.

you guys outnumber them 3 to 1 outright, and 8 to 1 including those manipulated into appeasement.

now, this is a sure fire formujla of winning.

like the grasshoppers in "a bug's life"; the old protection racket lie of the "war on terrorism" and "global warming" blah blah is fading away. and the era of the awakened ants is dawning--you get to keep all your food from ant island,hehe. the grasshoppers know it,the global elite knows it, we outnumber them 10 to 1 [or even more]. thats why all this circus presidential performers/wrestlers have to be believable---PEACE

thank you

Freedom Fighters Rule!

well said, I like your post. Oregon seems pretty pro Paul, can they get him on the ballot there somehow?

I like those cards!

PSSST! Do you think for yourself?:

Evil is Evil