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Russia Today on Ron Paul´s press conference - video


also currently he is on their website front page


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thank you m72mc

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LOL "Ralph Nader Libertarian

LOL "Ralph Nader Libertarian Party Candidate" wow , just wow

Russia today

Very interesting, but I believe the russkies got their political map mixed up:
Russia Today writes: "third-party candidates like Libertarian Ralph Nader, who took the opportunity to criticise media coverage of the election."

But otherwise it's very interesting that the Russions show such interest in Ron Paul's 3rd. party initiative and press conference. Over here in Norway, the media hasn't mentioned Ron Paul since he declared his candidacy and later tersly, when he dropped out of the race. And hardly even then.

Maybe the Russians have noted Paul's criticism of the US meddling actively in the Georgian conflict?

They write: “Obama is not for change. He beats McCain into sending more money to Afghanistan. And they both want to send troops and more money into Georgia,” he (Paul) said.

All in all a very well informed and correct article!

Anyone else notice that Barr

Anyone else notice that Barr was not mentioned and on top of that they labeled Nader as the Libertarian candidate? Do the Russians think that a socialist like Nader is more Libertarian than even Barr :P ?

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Barr is a joke

That is very funny. I think Nader just might be more libertarian than Barr.

Who else wants to get Bob Barr off the Libertarian Party ticket? Sign the petition here:


Oh How Good

Oh how good it is to hear someone, especially the media, speaking the truth. Too bad we don't hear that here in the USA media.

Everything it seems has flip flopped in the past 30 years or so with this nation and now we freedom lovers can love the Russians and hate the evil in our government which is from top to bottom.
Strange times indeed!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

great report

and nothing on Bob LOL


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Russia Today seems to be

Russia Today seems to be taking a liking to us. Not to mention, they have some hot chicks reporting. Especially the one at the end. :)

they said on the press conf..they wanted to

interview Ron and all the candidates... :) and give us the press the other media won´t..below is video of Q & A from the press conf... and RT in part 2. Bad quality, but there it is.

Ron Paul Announcement Q&A



Well, I'm planning on

Well, I'm planning on running for something, so I look forward to meeting these Russian beauties in person. lol

Yeah, the Russians get it

Yeah, the Russians get it more than msm here, but still no one mentioning the HUGE issues that all of the third parties have pledged to believe in. No matter their other views, this alone makes none of them an "evil". I will proudly cast a vote for whichever one is on my ballot. (chuck Baldwin is..anyone know where I can get Baldwin signs? He would be a shoe in in ARkansas ((land of the evangelists)) if he would spend a bit of time here...)

Get your Baldwin signs

at baldwin08.com

Chuck's a good guy.


How sad that it took the

How sad that it took the Russian press to UNDERSTAND what yesterday was all about....... "The third-party presidential candidates have no illusions about sitting down in the Oval Office next January. Their goal is to change the two-party system in Washington. They call it the 'beginning of the realignment of American politics".

Too bad that the MSM is so STUCK in the 2 party system that they are totally baffled and ignorant......"But....But.....But..... how can you WIN that way?????" DUH

... ... ... ... ... ...
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Viva La Revolucion!

The MSM is not baffled and

The MSM is not baffled and ignorant. The MSM is owned/run by a handful of individuals with a very biased agenda. There will be minimal awakening in this country until we can get our message onto the MSM so that average Joe America is exposed to it more often. The internet is fine and Glen Beck and Lou Dobbs have some impact, but all Americans need to become engaged in the process. We have to make it priority one, or one day we'll be forced into violent confrontation.

RT has impressed me much lately...


Don't forget to rate the U tube

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The DP is proof that the grassroots support for Ron Paul and his peaceful message of individual liberty is large, real, and not going away!



Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

Great video! But 18000

Great video! But 18000 people that attended in Minnesota, and Ralph Nader president of the libertarian party? Haha..

But still, very good video.


That dipshit Bob Barr skipping out on the conference is the gaff that keeps on gaffing!

Watch the video!

Ralph Nader, Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate!

let it go already

we must focus people- on the positive and not through negative means......

ron paul was brilliant yesterday, even if it took me 24 hours to feel it!!