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Take back our STATES, we take back the COUNTRY

The real battle to "Restore the Republic" will be fought at the precinct, county, and State level, not in the far away cesspool in D.C.
Constitutionally, the REAL power resides with the People and the States (10th Amendment). Our LOCAL State Reps.&Senators live in our neighborhoods and are VERY accessible. The www.Committeesofsafety.org are focusing on the things that will "Secure a Free State". Building community support and lobbying our LOCAL State legislators to sponsor Constitutional Bills, such as "Security of our money" ex.(www.Goldmoneybill.org), "Security from natural disasters" ex.(Hurricane Katrina) or "Security from Federal Tyranny" ex.( rouge agencies like the Dept.of Homeland Security). All of these security concerns could be accomplished at the State level, with the passage of a revitalized "Constitutional State Militia Bill " The 2nd amendment guarantees us "A well regulated Militia is NECESSARY
for the security of a Free State....

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You are absolutely right. We

You are absolutely right. We need to take our power back from the bottom up and the inside out. I was desperately hoping to get a bit of a shortcut by having Dr Paul in the White House. We have a lot of work to do!

**the soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears**


We NEED to keep this near the top!

"If virtue and knowledge are diffused among the People, they will never be enslaved. This will be their great security."
-Samuel Adams-


for RP and the message of FREEDOM!

"If virtue and knowledge are diffused among the People, they will never be enslaved. This will be their great security."
-Samuel Adams-

Our nation is a Republic of Republics

Similar to Rip van Winkle, our Constitutional power lays slumbering against the mass of excrement our State governments have accepted as federal government authority. All the States in this nation are Republics, soverign themselves, and the proper repository of our allegiance as citizens. By claiming allegiance to the United States you only claim to be a representative, and there accountable employee, of the federal government; which is in effect just a rabid, obese corporation forcing its bylaws on the world through its private army that we as suckers continue to fund. The united States of America is a soverign nation among other nations, but it is a collection of Republics sovereign themselves and free to create laws for themselves within their own political boundaries. As such the federal government is limited in the Constitution to having jurisdiction ONLY in the 10 square miles of the District of Columbia and any other frederal territories. Thant means they have no right, implied or otherwise, to tell the citizens who claim allegiance to one of the several states (Republics) how they have to live their life, what is lawful, or legal. The key to our sovereignty as citizens of the NATION (not counrty) of the several states united under the united States of America is to wake the Republics and have the States move to supress the feral federal government. In essence, we are the people. We are first citizens of a State (which is itself a sovereign Republic; although most have forgotten that), and then we are properly positioned to claim status as nationals of the united States of America. That is the flow of power as described in the Constitution, and the path we must follow to recovering our NATION from the clutches of the federal CORPORATION.

for a great book on this please visit famguardian.org

Thomas Paine - "We have it in our power to remake the world"

Assert Your Authority

Assert Your Authority


but as usual, the troll network is hard at work bumping it off the page!

It is CRUCIAl for All RP supporters and activists to get involved at the local level, as RP has been saying the same thing! It is the ONly way to begin to reclaim our country and this will give everyone a new focus to concentrate our effort and energy, and of course it may be an uphill battle but we're FREEDOM FIGHTERS and we will WIN! If we can focus on the prize and be patient, the fruit of our labor will be achieved!

"If virtue and knowledge are diffused among the People, they will never be enslaved. This will be their great security."
-Samuel Adams-

Good points!

We have our work cut out for ourselves. Educating ourselves, our neighbors and our LOCAL STATE legislators on the original intent of the Constitution. If any of you can make it, we will be celebrating "Constitution Day" a full day seminar, including workshops,a skit, speakers, and dinner, Sept.21 in NH, sponsored by the National Heritage Center for Constitutional Studies. For more info. go to www.nhccs.org They always have great national speakers, including Ron Paul in the past.

Absolutely correct I have

Absolutely correct I have been saying the same thing for quite some time this is the area we have actually made the most progress in several states.

Get control of your state and you can nullify all the extra constitutional fed BS by exercising your state sovereignty.

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Good ole boy network

Try taking that on and succeeding. No matter what level of government you speak, Stalin's famous quote still applies: "It matters not who the people vote for, it matters WHO COUNTS THE VOTES".

Whoever advised not taking on city hall was obviously bleeding from their aft section. Politics is tribal/local is another good quote.

What makes you think that city, county, and state elections aren't rigged as well? Heck, that's the recruitment pool for the federal level. Do you think Katherine Harris was an objective outsider? No, she played ball with Jeb Bush, and timely enough, was able to manipulate the FL tally just enough to give brother George the election in 2000; we'll never know if it was an honest victory or not.

I have story after story, one of them being mine, of the good ole boy network shutting out people who don't play ball with them. I attempted to run for delegate for the FL Republican convention, and was muddled down in bureaucracy until the deadline passed, because I'm not on the inside with the county's powers-that-be. The person who eventually won the seat was supposedly uncontested, and she registered well after I tried to...and go figure, she was the wife of the county tax collector. Go figure.

The game is rigged from top to bottom. All means of civil recourse are no longer productive. The elections are rigged by the very people who we're supposedly being adversarial towards.

What's YOUR solution Vuck?

I know all about vote fraud. I've been exposing it for 12 years now. I first did a TV interview with James Collier, author of the book Votescam:the stealing of America, back in Feb. 1996 (4 years before the 2000 election scandal in Florida ! ) It was recently posted on Google video.
You stated "All means of civil recourse are no longer productive" What are you saying?
I'm still hoping we can take the Country back non-violently! But the People have to DEMAND our votes , cast on PAPER, are counted in PUBLIC view and posted PUBLICLY, including the internet.

And WE are the Ron Paul Network!

As we all know, the RP supporter are a force to be reckoned with, the GOP on a national level are Filthy and Corrupted to the core! Are we just going to give up trying to change anything because it seems impossibe? We need to adopt the idea that "WE"RE MAD AS HECK and WE'RE NOT TAKING IT ANYMORE!" And NEVER GIVE UP!

"If virtue and knowledge are diffused among the People, they will never be enslaved. This will be their great security."
-Samuel Adams-

I'm in Florida too, but it CAN and MUT be done at local level

if we EVER hope to have any success The Florida GOP has been very hostie to RP supporters, but that doesn't mean it can't be done! The NEO-CON GOP is counting on us giving up, but as more and more people lose their home and job, the message of personal liberty and freedom will get louders still until we can be ingnored NO MORE!

Our country i WORTH THE FIGHT!

"If virtue and knowledge are diffused among the People, they will never be enslaved. This will be their great security."
-Samuel Adams-

While the theory is correct,

While the theory is correct, in the real world, STATE takeover by friendly means is impossible. You think you have problems with the FED.. Just try screwing with the local establishment . The FED protections are DEAD DEAD DEAD in the State & local governments. We're going to have to get hold of the FED GOV'T before confronting the STATES. IT' S called chain of command ,only in reverse if you want them back. THE PRESIDENTS office of JUSTICE has been asleep for SO LONG the STATES have estsblished MINI COUNTRYS . Try running for office in State GOV'T you'll see how it works. MINOR parties ????. While we must infiltrate all playing fields, there must be a defined concentration of effort to gain back what the PRESIDENTS office has neglectrd to enforce for so long, the CONSTITUTION., that which was given to the INDIVIDUAL. Try to be independent living & see if you're not confronted by CODES & PERMITS & law enforcement officers, wanting to put you away.
THE PRESIDENT should be putting the STATE & LOCAL officials away for tramping all over an individuals right to BE an individual. TRY THAT ON for size. Simply try to keep them out of your back yard .


before you just shoot the idea down!


"If virtue and knowledge are diffused among the People, they will never be enslaved. This will be their great security."
-Samuel Adams-


confusious said: While the theory is correct, in the real world, STATE takeover by friendly means is impossible.

I disagree and I think we should go local. Local activisim is where we can have the MOST success. I have seen this in person by attending local GOP events, going to caucus, and getting myself elected to a minor local position.
I now have a voice and am introduced at local GOP meetings as an elected official! I then get to relate how RP-like-ideas can be applied to whatever local issue is in the news. My voice is now larger.

The states don't need to do anything to the feds, they just need to resist the feds. We are a nation of states. The power flows from the people, not from the federal king.

If you still feel the only way to change is from the federal gov't down, then I hope you are working to get RP-endorsed candidates to Congress. Here is a link to one RP-endorsed candidate for Congress.

In the "real world" it will work

I've seen 10 committed Constitutional activists lobby the State of Hawaii, and get the 10th amendment resolution PASSED in 1994. By 1996, more than half the States passed 10th amendment resolutions, and the Presidential candidates (Dole and Clinton) made THIS one of their issues they talked about!
With all due respect "confusious" you are confused.You have things upside down .The Creator, created "We the People", the People created the States,
and the States created the federal government. This is OUR Constitutional power structure. The created is subservient to the creator.
Mao was correct when stating"All political power comes through a barrel of a gun" . That is why we need to revitalize the Constitutional State Militias again
by State statute, with the power structure from bottom up, instead of what we have now with Tyrannical,unjust,usurped power, from the top down.
Join www.CommitteesofSafety.org (1st amendment group) and get involved in the grassroot activism to take our States back.

Militias....das right!

"Committed To The Eradication Of Poverty Among Patriots"

"Those Who Strive For Excellence Refuse To Fear Mediocrity; They Eradicate It."

Constitutional State Militas

They have not been functional in our country for over 130 years.
I wasn't referring to the 1903 Dick Act( unorganized militias)

Again, Education is key!

PyraBang for Liberty

PyraBang for Liberty

I agree

Educate ourselves, our neighbors, and our LOCAL State reps,&senators on
Constitutional principles. Join a county Committee of Safety, work with your LOCAL State legislators in writing statutes providing for the "Security of a Free State" www.Committeesofsafety.org


food freedom,one seed at a time.

Baldwin made the ballot in Minnesota.Just got the email.

Great. Let us show 'em we

Great. Let us show 'em we are a force to be reckoned with no matter who Diebold chooses. If THE PEOPLE unite, no Congress nor President can continue on the wrong course for very long. It does not matter who wins this. It matters how the Americans wake up, unite, and attack on ALL fronts. State, federal, county, Congress..whatever!

Bump for people to unite!