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Medical marijuana question, need your help.

Yesterday my mother in law discovered that she has cancer and will have to do chemo therapy. I would like to help her with the side effects by getting some marijuana. However she is very alergic to smoke and would never be able to inhale. However I've heard that some people make cookies and brownies with marijuana. Does anyone know if it has the same effect?
I would like to try since she is already very thin and with chemo will probably loss even more weight if she doesn't each properly. Does anyone have a recipe?
I don't want to put too much in and don't know if I am to boil the leaves or grind the seeds or how to even start. I would apprieciate any help or suggestions.

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Chemotherapy treatments have advanced in recent years.

My father had lung cancer and received chemotherapy and radiation treatment about 3 years ago. I had the same worries as you and thought about trying the same thing. They have medication now to increase appetite and to treat the other side effects so people do not get as sick and as tired as in the past. My father had a bigger appetite than before he was sick and put on a good amount of weight. He also felt somewhat well and had decent energy until the point that it spread. I was surprised by how good he was doing, since I had not heard about the advancements. If I were you, I would wait a month or two and see how she is doing before you should consider the pot option.

I learned from this Vid


ths should get you started, there are many more videos out on youtube.
these guys made me laugh when i watched. Anyway ingesting is the healthiest way to use marijuana. Best Wishes with your Mother in law, My stepmother went through chemo last year and beat her cancer. Stay Positive and show Love.

No seeds...No leaves...just the buds please !

Dry them...power them...add 1/4 oz. to each dozen cookies. Try 2 of these to restore fisical & mental well being.

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Hold On

Medical Marijuana is experiencing a War on Drugs. Are you and your mother prepared to enter the War on Drugs? THAT is your first risk, and you risk losing everything you own, and her life. Are you prepared?

Google Medical Marijuana Caregivers, which is an organization that can help you with information about the laws in your state and the federal activity on your state on the War on Drugs.

Marinol is available. It is VERY expensive, however, a subscription can help a Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Provider, Medical Doctor, take the confidence to add your mother's name to his growers list of "protected plants". Also there is hemp oil, which a quarter teaspoon a day will give your mother her Omega fatty acid. Edible cannabis is usually made in sweet foods, like brownies, which isn't good for you. But Yes, edible cannabis can be very potent, moreso than smoking it.

I'm sorry your mother has become ill with cancer and I hope her suffering is not so desperate as to will herself into the War on Drugs. She is lucky she has you. Many people are alone. GOOD LUCK!!

meatballs, casseroles, pasta sauces..

note: saute' in butter before adding; to soften the crunchy texture.

its all good.

"..in sweet foods, like brownies.." is a limited assumption culled from late 60's media/literature, as in 'magic brownies'.

I knew of a cancer

patient who was prescribed marijuana capsules. One can make their own capsules with gelatin capsules and a machine. They sell them cheap on www.herbalcom.com

I will bump

food freedom,one seed at a time.

I hope someone can give you a recipe.

All you have to do

is an engine search. I did for you & found lots. here's only one from Yahoo:


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