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No matter how you look at it, today marks the 7th anniversary of a day that changed the United States. I'm torn about how to feel today. Should I feel a strong American pride for our resilience? Should I just shake my head and wonder if things could have been different if we would just mind our own business? Is today a day to remember the dead, or is it a day to question the leadership of this country, not just under W, but the last 10 or so presidents?

We are not blame American first people, Dr. Paul has made it very clear who he believes was responsible for the attacks promulgated 7 years ago. Yet, it is only rational that we question what made them do it. Should we be bringing that up with people today? I don't think my stomach can handle hearing one more person say "they hate us because we are rich and free."
I'm rambling a bit, but I guess I just want to know what do you all plan on doing today, if anything?

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I'm angry with our

I'm angry with our government. There is solid evidence ( http://www.americanprogress.org/issues/2004/04/b44918.html ) that our government had intel showing that these attacks were likely to occur. So at the very least, our government was either grossly negligent or complicit in allowing the event to occur. Then our government used the event (as well as a campaign of lies) to justify an attack on Iraq (see the articles of impeachment against Bush at http://impeachment.kucinich.us/ ).

Imho, this type of abuse needs to stop, and a large number of federally elected officials (Bush included) should be fired. Our government needs to implement Dr. Paul's policies of foreign non-intervention in order to help prevent more "blowback".

i, for one

am not spending one cent.
am not working one minute.
am not eating or cooking one morsel.

next year, i may shut my power off at the main, too.

If you are a truther you are pissed off today

If you are still clinging to the official story you are grieving and waving your fists at a bunch of middle eastern boogie men.

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