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Why has the Dollar rallied?

What does it mean?

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it means the government

just secured half the mortages in the us. bad paper just became good again. not really, but in the day to day of the markets....

"debt is really a 'dollar short' position."

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Jay Taylor says:

I can’t help remembering Bob Hoye’s constant refrain that when the global economy runs into trouble, the senior currency gets stronger. Why so? Bob reasons that debt is really a “dollar short” position. When the debt has to be repaid, everyone scrambles to sell assets and buy dollars to answer the call of margin clerks.

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I been watching my mutual funds and I noticed

during most of this year the best performing fund was invested in foreign government bonds but in the last 2 months it has been falling, meanwhile the fund with the biggest gain in the last 2 months was invested in government securities. I guess due to the dollar rally?

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The central banks are proping up the dollar.

good find


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