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Are we divided and conquered?

Can we please move on from the in-fighting and regain our focus on the coming election? The anti-Barr posts and the infatuation with Ron Paul’s announcement are counter-productive. Ron Paul has chosen his path and will remain a Republican Congressman. Thank God we have Dr. Paul and rest assured I will remain a loyal supporter of his efforts to work within the system.

We still have an election coming in November and the most important thing we can do is to unite under ONE candidate or ticket. Even if we come together the odds are stacked against any third party candidate. We are essentially squandering our small opportunity to back a candidate that stands for freedom, the rule of law as prescribed in our Constitution, a sound monetary policy (end the fed!) and a non-interventionist foreign policy.

I’m proud to stand with this group and make no excuse for our passion in the face of the tyrannical two party system that attacks our most basic human rights and is stripping our prosperity in a heinous transfer of wealth that will leave the middle class destitute. Hopefully we can move to a more productive issues dialogue and debate.

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