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Chuck Baldwin will be on Lou Dobbs tonight, Sept 10.

I just received an e-mail:

Constitution Party Presidential Candidate Chuck Baldwin will be on Lou Dobbs tonight, September 10, at 7pm EDT.

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Screw Lou

I was a long time watcher of Dobbs. Hypocrite is exactly what he is.

Ron Paul and Dobbs see eye to eye on many issues.. you would think as much crying Lou does during his broadcast he would bring on a person wanting to tackle the issue he cries about.

I havent watched him in a year and will not watch his show again.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

That was last night. :)

That was last night. :)

Lou Dobbs doesn't know a thing about

economics. He's a closed-border protectionist hack.
However, I wouldn't mind seeing the video.

Anyone have a link?