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Again, Ron Paul knows exactly what he is doing

September 11, 2008
On That Ron Paul Press Conference
Posted by Lew Rockwell at September 11, 2008 11:05 AM

Let's not forget that Nader and McKinney are right on far more issues than McCain and Obama, even if all four are very wrong on economics. Ron Paul knows what he is doing. Attacking the Republicrats is vitally important. But on war, civil liberties, the Constitution, etc. Nader and McKinney are allies. See Ron's magnificent unity platform. Same with Baldwin. All of them, like Ron, have long records of opposing the warfare state, corporate welfare, and the police state - that is, the most important issues today. The enemy is the conservative Republicans, as I said in Minneapolis, not anti-war, pro-civil liberties leftists who want to break up the duopoly. Again, Ron Paul knows exactly what he is doing.


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Four Stages of Opression (A variation on Gandi)

o First, they ignore you (media blackout)
o Second, they ridicule you (the racist dirty tricks in the Ron Paul newsletter)
o Third, they corrupt you (or someone close; in this case, Bob Barr)
o Fourth? Well, we know what happened to Gandi; Ron Paul attracted some formidable allies in Nader, McKinney and Baldwin. He's likely safe, for now

The next move is the NWOs.