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Electing either presidential candidate will only determine the degree of our burns

Death by a Thousand Cuts

By: Charleston Voice

-- Posted Thursday, 11 September 2008 | Digg This Article | Source: GoldSeek.com

The most glaring example of this slow decay is the piecemeal collapsing of America's financial centers. Every week we have one more banking cripple die. They all don't bleed out at once mind you, but are in a controlled burn format engineered by the American firestarters themselves. Millions of well-intentioned 'firefighters' will go down with the tower. We don't know for certain - but certainly suspect - that this conflagration has been a controlled demolition. Millions more will wait too long to flee from these teetering structures. The firestarters tell us all is under control, and the worst of the inferno is behind us. Millions on the lower floors, and dependents watching, believe them. Compartmentalizing containment will not extinguish this out of control inferno. Fighting America's financial implosion floor by floor will not do it. It is coming down around them. The entire monetary system is resting on an unsafe debt foundation of sinking marshland.

Pleas from us we who are beckoning the millions to safety with a lifeline of gold go unheeded, or drowned out by the sirens employed by the firestarters. And yet, the way the world is put together those who sought shelter early will be sought out and relieved of their savings. And after taking a commission for themselves, the firestarters will ration any balances to those without who have pleaded to them to share the spoils of confiscation. The firestarters are their agents to plunder the saving frugal.

Those tenants still trapped within this liberty-robbing money monster must flee, leaving the landlords to the fate of this Lucifer of their own creation. Survivors will cast despondent glances into the ashes, and under their breath, say never again. The template of their own resurrection will be dusted off and re-learned. The proven manual for a flourishing self-governing people is the Constitution.

The messiah for constitutional law was drowned out by the arsonists. Ron Paul's message of liberty was cordoned off ....

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