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VOTEPACT.ORG: Cure For the Compulsion to Vote for the Evil of Two Lessers?

I heard one of the questioners at the C4L press event yesterday promote votepact.org where a would-be Obama voter and a would-be McCain voter make a pact to vote third party, thus eliminating the need to vote for the evil of two lessers.

This is in line with what Ron Paul is trying to achieve. We must work to level the playing field and allow open discourse. Would have been great if Barr and Kucinich would've been present at yesterdays announcement.

To fret about being associated with socialists is to not have faith in our principles given a level playing field to be heard. Some other sites that need promoting are http://instantrunoff.com that is promoting an alternate voting system where you can rank the candidates so that if you want to vote for Baldwin but don't want Obama to win, you can by voting Baldwin first and then McCain (not that I would do such a thing). Also check out Fair Vote: http://fairvote.com.