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What is better LINO or Neolib?

Quotes posted by The_Producer
Signed by Austin Petersen Volunteer Coordinator Libertarian National Committee

"True believers in the constitution, and in conservative values are welcome in the new Libertarian Party."

"All major decisions regarding your body and your life should be in the states."

"Join us to create a stronger Right. A Libertarian-Republican America."

"Bob Barr has changed quite a lot of his views to become a true Libertarian. Of particular interest at the convention was his apology for DOMA and his pledge to fight until it is repealed."

New Libertarian Party? States making decisions about your life? Stronger Right? Telling people what they want to hear to get the nomination?

I liked the old Libertarian Party. Seems we need a new term, Neolib or LINO, to describe the new Libertarian Party and Libertarians like Peterson, Fisher, Corey, Root, Barr, etc

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At this point

the only hope the LP has to salvage any credibility is to Dump the Chump. The longer he stays, the more crap rubs off on them for not doing anything. A huge mistake from the very beginning.

Dump the Chump!
Dump the Chump!
Dump the Chump!

Here! Here!


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